Sunday, January 02, 2011

FLASHBACK 1, 2010 : Hong Kong Trip

I know I've been away for awhile. But I'm back with lots of photos & crafts to share. My year ends are really packed and as always have kept me busy as a bee. Here's a just glimpse of what we did last year. 

We met up with Meli and her colleagues in Hong Kong early November. She was on a China exhibition tour and was on her way home to Kuala Lumpur. It was really a nice week despite the rainy season. It drizzled and rained the whole entire trip, but lucky for us, Hong Kong is such a developed place, everything is covered or is underground. Part of the reason for us to meet in Hong Kong was to visit Disneyland. I know, we all sound so kiddy, but I'm sure we all enjoyed ourselves totally, although it rained mouse, cats and pluto!
Mom and me on the Mickey mouse train. The journey there was really pleasant. Lot's of sight seeing and memorabilia on board the train to Disneyland. So load up your digi cams and be trigger happy.

At the entrance. Let's look at the bright side, even with the drizzle, there were less crown, less queues, so it really felt great to be there. Of course, don't forget to buy a few disposable ponchos before going in. We got ours from good old Watson back home.

On the tramride going around the park. Mom says that this Disneyland is small compared to the original one. But as first timers, it was just perfect. This Disneyland is half the price, of course it's smaller, but we hear rumours that Shanghai is going to have their own Disneyland soon. Hmmmmm.....Another trip perhaps.

Meli and Nigel posing at the exit of the tram station. Here you can see the castle at the foreground. Before entering into the playarea, you SHOP at these cute little stores. Ahhhhhh...What is a little shopping therapy before all that excitement.

Meli and her favourite Disney character.

We were the first group to take photos.


It's a happy place. Makes you want to skip and jump, right Malcolm!?

All the little shops looked like they jumped out of a Disney storybook. Every shop is unique, you can spot your favourite as you go about shop to shop. Meli has this happy grin throughout the trip. And a Disney song in her heart.

Michael braving the rain.

Trigger happy. I like this place, you can snapshot anything, anywhere.

I'm sure with a little more coaxing, Michael would have bought that hat!

The shops inside were stocked up with everything you need to remember your first trip here.

Even paws and a Stitch hat when you want to play pretend. LOL!

Put down that 500 calorie lolly Meli!

All the shop front is decked out in cute little displays. This was in the cafe/bakery shop we stopped for a snack.

Tea, coffee or Us??? Our first ride at Disneyland.

We all had fantastic seats, thanks to our 2 bodyguards.

We watched very good shows throughout the trip. Broadway in all its glamour. I must say that we all had perfect timing. Michael was our lead tour guide, he's the one that navigated us to all the shows. We watched it all and had the best seats!

This was the first. The Golden Mickeys. Although the story telling was in Cantonese, songs and captions were kept in originally in English. So it was pretty cool.

Beauty and The Beast

Toy Story and the Gang

The Grand Finale.

Outdoor rides even with the drizzle.

Michael had the whole world in his hands.

Nigel giving a try at lifting planet pluto.

Pooh even has his own little shop!

A try at Excalibur!

The best 3D show I've been to! We could smell apple pie bakin, water splashing, electrofying moments and a flying duck!!! The ride on the magic carpet was just phenomenal. With the wind on your face, you'd feel for a moment that you were flying alongside Aladin!

Nigel on the carousel.

2 very grown adults on the carousel.

Meli on her handpicked horse. I was actually right behind. But I'm not showing. LOL!

Went on a ride to look for Honey!

Went to a spectacular show featuring LION KING.

Fantastic costumes, animatronics, hi tech stages, aerial performances, fire stunts and lots more.

Look at all the pomp and glory!

It was storytelling at its best.

You can even catch an all grown up SIMBA.

Stages rise and dip, dancers are all around!

Drama and action

Fun and jesting

Our meal at Disneyland. Western food, sorry no pics, too busy eating.

That night we met up with our cousin Nicky and Karen for dinner. He took us to Alley of the Stars. It was drizzling, so we rushed home as soon.

The boys were best friends from the very beginning. Some of these photos come from different cameras, so the sequence are a little out.

Our first stop at a animation exhibition. Here they explain to you the many many many processes in making an animated Disney show. The turning wheel of this animated Toy Story was just mind blowing.

Happy to take a snapshot with this very very old camera.

More fooling around with the merchandise.

Malcolm on a sugar high.

Love the signages around. They are all so perfectly Disney.

It's a small world!

On the Carousel, everyone is seven!

Thanks Nicky & Karen for taking us out for dinner and desserts!

 HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! You've been great, do come back to visit. HUGS!!!!!!


zarina said...

Reminds me of the times I have been there when I was small. Too bad that I was too little to remember but the song - Its a Small World can play in my head round and round. (my dad did his degrees in the States and he brought the whole family).

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Fantastic piccies! Happy New Year! love Annie xx

Kay Heritage said...

What a wonderful trip with your family! I love to see how you spend time with your family often! Happy New Year!!

Michael said...

Thanks Yoonie for all the photos and surely those have brought me back to when we were in the Disney. miss Nigel and your family so much. We had a lovely time, although malcolm ended his trip with being quite sick and tired. We enjoyed every moment in KL and HK. Hope you can come to AKL soon with Nigel. We will have more fun here.

Happy New year to you all and Welcome to AKL.

Lots of love***

Michael and Malcolm

PS: I should have bought the Stitch Hat, ehya! next time la...