Thursday, July 01, 2010

Monday & Thursday Dinners

I know it's a boring title, but cooking is part of crafting too. I've been busy in my new kitchen and because we eat home every Mondays and Thursdays, and every other night we have dinner at my mom's place, I thought at least a journal of our dinners will inspire me to cook and eat home more often. And in my new kitchen too! These are dinners I've cooked for the past month.

Some of our favourite Japanese food. We had black pepper udon with beef, some salmon sushi, roast teriyaki chicken and Miso broth one Monday. I used sukiyaki beef slices for the udon noodles and they turned out super succulent and yummy!

Another Japanese dinner. (I know it's a lot of Japanese going on here. Can't help it, the ingredients you buy for meals and since there's only 3 of us, a little ingredient goes a long way. eg. Udon noodles come in packs of 4s) This time we had beef teppanyaki, I even fried garlic chips for garnishing! A simple salad garnished with almond slivers, chawanmushi for 3 and Udon in Bonito seafood soup noodles for mains. Not bad for a first time! The chawanmushi turned out brilliantly. Thanks to google!

Had to have a close up of the egg custard. A little too much daiso broth made it a little dark. But it was really yummy and smooth. Trick : Never use salt and water + daiso broth content must be slightly more than the egg content. And yes to sieve the egg mixture before pouring into the bowls arranged with some mushrooms, seafood and etc. And to steam carefully in high steam in wok until the egg mixture becomes white and a layer of soup emerges on the top. To check just pierce with a stick, and if nothing oozes out, you're done. Serve immediately!

A close up of the seafood noodle. Nigel finished his bowl! I'm amazed.

This evening we had honey roasted drumsticks with caramelised onions. Stan loves onions!
I made easy-peasy-pita bread pizza. Of course, I made the carbonara sauce with wild mushrooms. I topped the pizza with slices of bacon, mozarella cheese and onion rings too.
They are really mini ones. So we three shared 2 portions. Kept some for Nigel's breakfast tomorrow.

We shredded the roast chicken to make little burgers. Here's Nigel having a bite, plus the vege too!!!

What's for dinner next Monday? Ahhhh, I'm too full to think!


Andreja said...

mmmmmmmmmm :-))

Emily said...

Oh Yumms! You are GOOD at everything!

Thanks for sharing!

ShannyK-L said...

WAH! All looks so yummy! :D I wish DH likes Jap food but alas... :( Good that Nigel eats his veg! :)

Papgena Made It said...

everything looks delicious!!!

shogun_na said...

wow...can u share the recepies??? Its look soooo yummy...