Friday, July 23, 2010

Come Over for Desserts?

What is a housewarming without desserts? It was totally a sweet affair! Two Saturdays ago and I'm posting about it only now. Must be all that sugar. We had lunch out in a nice chinese restaurant and we planned a hi tea dessert stop over at our new house. Simply because I can't do lunch for more than 20 people, but desserts are just too fun to miss out on the challenge.
I started baking at 5 in the morning. Now I know how early my Aunt Josie wakes up to bake so that we have fresh baked cakes and desserts for our Sunday dinners.

These are my first attempt at cupcake baking and icing piping and fondant playing! The orange poppy seed cupcake turned out fabulously pretty and yummy!!! I made the fondant butterflies a few days ahead. Fondant is not so forgiving in tropical climate...I think putting an air cond in the kitchen might help.
Don't they look store bought? I like fondant!

I also made these....mmmmm Honey Macadamia cupcakes with cream cheese topping! These made my kitchen smell so good in the oven. And at 6 in the morning, that's just heavenly.

I left the drizzeling of honey out on the topping since I'm only serving this in the afternoon. I left the whole batch in my studio with the aircond on.
Added some fondant flowers. I used a plunger type of mould so it was really easy to make tiny tiny bits of flowers for deco.

This were taken a day after. The poor fondant just melted.
LOL! I just wanted to show you the macadamia topping!

I also made Tiramisu!

We made a short visit at the florist shop in Chinatown and bought wholesale roses, crysanthemums, and orchids for the house too.

Orchids on the piano top. These were very delicate. They lasted only 3 days.

Love the paper mums! Very hardy but I think they're usually for altars. They look so pristine and serene.

I had flowers on the dining table and the TV console to brighten my living room.

Learnt this bunching technique from sifu Victoria!

You must be wondering at this point, how come there aren't any photos of people...My cameraman was too busy having his cupcake! LOL!

Made 2 dozen of these for doorgifts. The tutorial is up in the next post. Keep a watch for it!


Papgena Made It said...

look delicious!
you are good!!

tina said...

nice dessert!

Blossom inch said...

I love cupcakes and do share with us the tutorial on the towel cupcakes...