Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine Goodies : NNC Valentine Exchange 2009

I took part in a few fun exchanges this year and right after our anniversary gift exchange we had to rush to complete the NNC Valentine Exchange. Have a look at my lovey-dovey gifts from Lillie of Home of the Little Needlecrafter .

My rose pincushion! Love the felt hearts. Thanks Lillie for being so thoughtful. I will use them for special projects.

Inside Lillie's card is a cute little envelope with a heart bookmark tucked in. So sweet!

The card features a pretty cross-stitch piece, good enough to be framed.

My stash includes a cute heart shaped bathmat and strawberry scented soap too!

This is my exchange to Lillie. It's a little zipper pouch with my favourite applique 'Cupcake!' (Whatelse!) , my crochet cupcake pincushion and a compact little beadbox as a stash.

Close-up of the applique on the pouch. I used flannel for the pouch, it's one of my treasured finds from Chinatown - starry-starry night theme. Must go back to the shop to buy more.

Thanks Lillie for the exchange. I hope you had a romantic Valentine's Day!!! Thanks Margaret for organising it too.


Lillie said...

You are most welcome, Mel. Glad you like everything I've put in for you :D Enjoy

Hoped you had a wonderful Valentine.

Paul Lionel said...

So cute the both of you!!

Shirley said...

Hi, I've following yr blog for awhile now. U r soooo creative and talented. Can u tell me where u got the cloth from in Chinatown?