Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Sunday Tote For My GrandAunt

We celebrated Tai Koo Poh's 80 something birthday last Saturday and she also bought us a special post Chinese New Year dinner. I made her a little Sunday bag for her to put her bible and a cardi when she goes for her Sunday service. It was pretty easy to sew and it took me exactly 2 hours.

I love this material when I first spotted it at Kamdar. Used less than half a meter with a little bit of canvas for the lining too. This Sunday tote is knotted at the handles, so you have to assemble the body first and sew the handles last.

Took apart three antique silk roses and embellished them with vintage white buttons. Ribbons are from Shen-ni's birthday gift to me - they must be expensive, you won't find any velvet ricracs here! The Flower ornament is detachable.

A shot of the inside. I used some of Margaret's laces she gave me with the needlebook. I also made a cardboard base so the bag will be sturdy and these bags don't look nice wonky.

Love these buttons. They're actually cherry blossoms. I wonder if I can dye these buttons?


Paul Lionel said...

Awesomeness once again Mel!

Emily said...

Very elegant and befitting the recipient!

Sure to have order queries from her lady friends from church!

Ciyou said...

looks allsome~~ beautiful``

Napis said...

Thank You so much for inspirations! You make really beautiful things here!!

Mind if I ask, do You have those patterns for those buttoneries and for that bracelet You made? Could it be possible to send those to me?

Million thanks!

Creative B Bee said...


Anne Marie@Married to the Empire said...

That bag is stunning! I really enjoy your blog.