Monday, February 09, 2009

Shades of Pink

I can't explain this 'Pink' phase I'm going through. I think it's contagious. SO beware...
I went stash shopping at Macy (Petaling Street) and went overdose on pink yarns. A thousand shades of Pink. I was pairing the colours as I went spree shopping. Come'on they were only RM1.70 a skein!!!

Three strands for each colour band. I started with a darker shade and progressively reduced the shades as I went. I think it doesnt really matter how many tones under, they turned out quite nice. Use your imagination. If the shade is not what you were looking for just unpick and rematch again.

A close-up of the shades. I'll try something out of this world one of this days. Maybe contrasting colours in all three strands?!

The finished bag for the NNC gift exchange. I added velvet ribbons and a magnetic clasp. Glueing the button to support the clasp looks like a good idea too. The bag opens smoothly and closes with a good snap.

One bag usually leads to a few more. Here are the other shades. I used excess yarn to make a little pouchette. Maybe a little camera bag.

Don't they look lovely. What is a bag without a felt flower? I used the same method as in my previous felt flower tutorial and made these with a little flower petal Dianne sent me for scrapbooking. Just sew a button and attach to a pin.

Close up of the pouchette. This button is gorgeous! Thanks Dianne!!!

Close up of Felt flower.

The stash and bag all packed up for Shanny!

My friends at NNC met up for an anniversary get together. After much chit chat, demos and good food there were feedback on my blog and I found out that my blog loads rather slowly. So I've decided to eliminate some of the ads appearing on my blog. Keeping it simple so that I don't irritate my blog visitors. Do keep in touch by leaving a comment if you have any suggestions, requests or a simple Hi! will do too. Keep in touch!! Hugs...!


Paul Lionel said...

Very very very very very nice bag and stash Mel! Shanny is lucky!

Creative B Bee said...

Very very beatiful, love the tone of it.

Emily said...

Mel! You come a long way (crochet wise) baby! Well done!

Tryllyam said...

Those are the cutest things! I'm seriously going to have to learn to crochet!

And I really enjoy your blog, with or without ads.

snazzynsuch said...

oh... i love the bags!! can we do private exchange for it? :P

Ciyou said...

gosh~~ so much pink yarns u got there~~ I looks so beautiful in different colors of pink shades~~

Za said...

Me too! me too! Can we do a private exchg too? Really love the bag and of course the colour!

Rose said...

Love the bags. Mel can you give us the pattern and can it be done using single strand of yarn instead of three.