Sunday, May 25, 2008

More booties and The Smallest Bootie I've Ever Made!!

Here's some work in progress for a friend, an octopus Amigurumi for Nigel and I think, the smallest pair of booties I've ever want to make again! Phew!

A crocheted dishcloth (The front)!
The back of the crochet dishcloth. I don't know why it should not look like the front. I thought granny squares are supposed to look the same both ways. Well, this is my first attempt at doing a granny square and out of leftover rug yarns.
Some work in progress for booties. The Octopus Amigurumi (Unassembled yet!)
Working on the bands and some more bases. I like to use double yarns for the base for a stiffer effect.
All buttoned up!
Nigel and his new Octopus friend. BTW he loves to eat Idako! (Japanese baby octopus!!)
Awww! So adorable - Do you see the resemblance? LOL!
At the spur of the moment, I decided to work on a pair of miniature booties. Look at the size of the base.
Crocheting this small actually takes a short time. Taking shape!
Fits my finger just snugly!

Adding the bands and shaping as I go. Beginning to think that I've gone crazy!
In comparison with the normal sized bootie.
Adding french knots to the band to replace buttons. Even the smallest button looked huge on the miniature band.
On my hands to see how small they are. Sorry for the blur image, just can't seem to snap shoot a clear one.
Voila! The smallest bootie ever!!! Now to hook it up to my handphone.


biblo said...

So cute!!!!!

tini said...

the octopus and nigel are so adorably cute!!

LittleByLittle said...

Hi Melanie,
I like your version of the 'arms' for the Octopus! or are they from the original pattern? This version is more authentic!

Zuleika said...

Those booties are incredibly cute! Love the octopus as well, Nigel seems very happy with it too. :-)

Janet C said...

You sure is one talented and creative gal. Love the curly tentacles and the mini booties is so cute! Saluting you! *wink*

kitkat said...

the octopus is super adorable, likewise your mad-mini-booties. btw, J has been chanting Fudgie-Wudgie of late ... dunno why, but i guess it just has a nice ring to it ... LOL! love viewing all your cool works :)

Crochet Diva said...

Such cute little booties!

Christina said...

the small booties are very cute :) if you want to get a clear, up close shot of them, you might want to try the macro setting on your digital camera?

it's the button/setting symbolized by a flower on most of the cameras i know.

alicia said...

You are 1 creative lady. Where is the best place in KL for yarn and cutesy buttons?

The booties are too cute and look really easy to wear too! Mind to share the pattern for both the normal size and the miniature?

Thank you so much.

Anonymous said...

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