Sunday, May 18, 2008

Crochet Catch-up!

I've been neglecting my blog in preparation for my cousin's wedding/kenduri, but here's a catch-up of all my crochet projects, finished and unfinished. Will be posting about the kenduri soon, but for's crochet fever!

More crochet flowers to add to my collection! I've found double yarn crocheting a fun experience!! See the colour combinations, the more unlikely the colours the better.
Marigolds of all sorts of colours and size. I've been experimenting. That reminds me, I've run out of buttons, must make some more.
The flower that inspired my big project, a tote bag with two yarns. A simple double crochet all round tote. A relaxing project but the colour is very nice to work with.
The base of a crochet booties. This is actually my second pair, my first pair was given to Kit Yee and I've no photos to show off. See how nice the two colours blend together. MW, you must try this!!!
The finished bootie for a newborn. Congratulations Edmund & Serena on your new baby boy - Ethan! Hope the bootie fits your cute little baby.
Side view of bootie. Of course, buttons on each side!

Kit Yee's 1st Birthday gift, a pair of booties. I think I made them too small. Nevermind, will make a bigger one for you next time! It's the same bootie pattern, just without the bands. I replaced those with ribbons and to embellish, a simple crocheted flower with leaves.
Awww! Aren't they sweet. I want to make some more! Cousins, please hurry up with the lineage work. Can't wait to give you these booties. Hint! Hint!


Barbara said...

Those booties are so darn cute!! Lovely crocheting all around! :)

tini said...

the marigolds are pretty... and the booties are so cute.. now i wish i'm a baby... ;p

Zuleika said...

Hi there, just blog hopping and found your blog. The colors on yur blog and post are so captivating! Those flowers and booties are really cute. :-)

Ciyou said...

the babies shoes are just so cute~~

Anonymous said...

hi Yoonie,

Im jenny's ex-staff from GE, can i buy 3 pairs of the booties from u? for my friends babies..2 boys & 1 gal :)

Also the crochet flowers..can i buy 2? the pink & the blue...

May I have your email?

THanks :)

Wei Ling.

biblo said...

I came for a second look... is that a crochet basket for your yarns? Lovely!!

kitkat said...

OMG, so CUTE!!!

Kiiss said...

Very very cute!! especially the octopus. ^_^
And I love all the buttons.

Anonymous said...

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Amy said...

I love the booties but what I really love is the flowers! They're so tiny and cute, I could see a lot of them being used on the tables for a wedding or a prom or something. And guests could take them home. Would you do something like this? You should list on and see if anyone tries to hire you. It is so cute and pretty!