Sunday, June 08, 2008

The Mega May Report!

This is the sum up of May. The biggest report ever, from Gracie's and Spencer's wedding kenduri right through the school holidays. I've been busy as a bee. Read on... It's loooooong!!

I've finally completed some crocheting orders and a tote bag inspired by a colour scheme I saw at Purlsoho. The Funky Monkey and I love how the most unlikely colours go together so well in this tote bag. Ah! This is the beginning of more colourful crocheted bags.

Look at the colours! I bought these yarns without even thinking about the colour combinations. I just had to buy 2 of each colour on the shelf and ended up with over 60 balls of yarn. I saw the combination of the Funky Monkey colour scheme at Purlsoho and fell in love with the tones.
Some frantic crocheting. You get a 'rush' doing the colours and can't wait to complete each row just to see how the next colour will match.
I love the results of the double yarn overlapping each other and how it increases in rows. Thanks to Usha - I think I'm going to try 3-yarns at one time or more for a thicket and more colourful effect! Here, I'm just weaving in a row of matching ribbons for a nice finish.
My brother gave me his stash of buttons, I suspect it was for his clown vest that he didn't use and he was doing a major clean up in his room. Lucky me. I love how the orange of the buttons contrast with the blues and greens.
The completed tote bag. I think this will be my etsy launching piece. What do you think?
I also completed the booties WL ordered. Will be sending these and a couple of brooches to her as well.
Booties for a boy!
Booties for a girl!
The flower brooches she ordered with the booties. Look at the ribbons. Must show you my ribbon stash one day!!!
Some books I bought from Popular Book store. The knit cafe book on the top right row is for Paul for an exchange! (Paul, if you're reading this - do let me know if you already have this book, I will have to look for another one. This has patterns for scarfs and for both knitting and crocheting.)More books from Popular Book store. I like browsing through the chinese craft section of this store. The best place to look for cheap crafting books and so far, the branches at Leisure Mall and Sunway has not let me down yet with their huge selection of crafting books. Kinokuniya is still the biggest store to house Japanese crafting books in KL, but prices are just a bit too expensive. With the huge petrol hike - I think I'll do ok with Popular. LOL!

That's Nigel with his first set of chalks! The mural on the floor is done by Stan. Nigel was doodling all over and showing off his boots - Aunty Melie bought him a pair 2 years ago and it now fits him just nice.

Doodling, doodling the blues away! It's the school holidays and we've no where to go until the 2nd week. We've planned for a short holiday at Sunway Lagoon.

This is also my very late report on Gracie's wedding kenduri. I've not gone through all the thousands of photos yet but here are just the beginning of it all. It will be in a few phases as I will be receiving the photos from our overseas photographers too.

I love sewing ring pillows. It'll take only an hour and it's really lots of fun, digging out precious fabric and stash I've stored for special occasions and embellishing it is really something easy to do.
Handsome Men in a row! Nigel the ring bearer!!
Most of the deco are DIY. We bought the glasses from TESCO for only RM1.10 and the rest is just ribbons, cherry blossoms and some paper roses, tealight candles and a card wishing everyone bon appetite! I'm beginning to think the puncher I bought from Spotlight is really worth every dollar!!! It's a FISKARS dual puncher that comes with an embossing puncher as well.
My candlestands and my Christmas deco actually! People are quite amazed at what I have in my storeroom. I belong to a stash-aholic anonymous group!!
More candlestands and look how gorgeous the petals are strewn across. Thanks to Victoria's special professional touch!

The wedding cake. We had a little drama with the cake. We ordered two square cake bases and it turned out to be round on the top and square at the bottom. But it turned out quite nice. Will show more pictures later. The photos I have now are a little dark.

Here, I wanted to show you the base with the candles all lit. Look at the love birds at the cake cutting ceremony!

The morning before it all started. Everyone played an important role!
Look at us! I have that worried look as we were assembling the bride's bouquet. None of us have ever done it. Haha! But we did it!

We did the backdrop on our own as well. Thank goodness Jessica and Daniel were up to it. Although last minute - we did it quite well, thanks to my dad and mom. My dad was practically the one who made sure we had all the sequins in the right places. Yep, I said sequins and not gold dusts! I'm personally glad we did the backdrop, it would have been really plain at the back.

Naturally, my mom was the supervisor! She made sure everything was done accordingly and superefficiently too!
My brother and Victoria doing the touch-ups. I'm amazed at Grace too. She did her hair and make up on her own too! What a DIY bunch we were!!
The special seats for the tea ceremony.

Congratulations Grace and Spencer! May you cross rivers and conquer mountains together and forever!!!
More photos will come, lot's more. So drop by soon for another line-up of this special DIY wedding. It was a beautiful and a colourful ceremony made more meaningful by everyone who contributed to all the little details!


macati said...

sooooo many beautiful things... yup, I would looove to see your ribbon stash one day!

Zuleika said...

That bag is so cute and colorful! Love the color combo. The booties are adorable and I'm sure they'll be loved to death! :-)

What a beautifully decorated wedding!! Congrats to the newlyweds. :-)

tini said...

that tote is just perfect for you etsy shop launch Mel!

and of course the booties are so cute.. which remind me i bought the same button from Petaling Street but i think i've lost them.. no idea where are they now... *sigh*

such a beautiful wedding deco... the bride is so lucky to have a very talented relative... ;)

Ciyou said...

yes, popular is a place to grab alot of cheaper chinese craft books compare to kino. I grab alot from the bookfest organize by popular...

kitkat said...

Gosh, I love that Rainbow bag ... LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Yup, great for an Etsy launch!!

ShannyK-L said...

WOW! That is a REALLY colourful bag! Have to agree to the Etsy launh. It'll sure catch buyers attention!

Double WOW for the wedding deco! Lucky newlyweds too! :D

Rozi said...

I like your stuff, they so cool! I envy how it seems you have lots and lots of time to do all these things. Fantastic wedding decoration you did as well. I must go into a Spotlight next time I'm overseas.

Your son is adorable, so lucky to have a mum like you.

Crochet Diva said...

Those booties are divine! Is it a pattern? Love them!!!

Anonymous said...

How did you do the backdrop with the letters. Is it styro-foam?

Anonymous said...

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