Thursday, May 31, 2007

I love Ikea!

I went on a sewing frenzy when I bought these two mini bolts of material from IKEA! (Should have bought the other two bolts in red too!!! Ahhhhggh!!!) Lots of ideas popping in my head and I really have to buy these fabulous cotton prints. My mom thinks I've gone overboard with the fabric stashing, but still go wah! with everything I've made so far. Don't try to stop me, I just love these cotton prints and at RM29 for 3 metres each, I should have bought more (sigh!).

Lime green tones and hippos dancing, what sweet and happy colours.

I made one for each of my niece. Of course, Nigel 's bag is for his newly acquired toy the L-Max (Thanks Grace for lugging it back from the states!). It's padded inside to protect his toy from his clumsy self!
No bag is complete with one of my felt pins.
A little bag I made for Ijin. I hope the strap is not too long . This is also one of my favourite upholstery fabrics.
I made a draw-string pouch to match Nigel's bag to house the long wires that came with his edu-toy.
Buttons! Buttons! Like candy from the candystore!!

All of them together. What do you think?



Ayou said...

The fabric looks nice and the bags looks cool too~~

Barbara said...

Head back to Ikea and get those reds! You must! :) Lovely bags and you're a professional with the sewing machine!

Evelyn Lum said...

I LOVE! Ikea too. I love their fabrics, dishes, everything! Do check out my weblog ~ I made my daughter a bag too, using fabrics from Ikea. Good job! Your bags look gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

love the fabric! - maybe some softie hippos to be made??

jingle said...

the bags looks so cool. can ihave one? =P

Mirre said...

I work at IKEA :))
Ofcourse I bought these fabrics as well... I love your bags!!

jtzabar said...

I love these. I also bought some fabric from Ikea - lots of brightly coloured animals but haven't yet work out what to do with it. I have 2 small boys and find it hard to think of creative projects that they'll appreciate - don't think they'd go for bags ;(

yoonie at home said...

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