Saturday, May 19, 2007

Happy 78th Birthday!

We celebrated Stan's mom's 78th birthday today and I had to make one of my picture frames for her. It was another trip down memory lane for the Ngs. The family portrait was taken when they first made their move to the Loke Yew flats. I salute her for having the strength, patience and wisdom to bring up 6 incredible sons! Stan is on her lap and at only 8 months old. We also discovered that almost all the grandsons all look like their fathers when they were young. Stan's dad looked dashing in his white suit too. I have never met him but I believe he was a wonderful father and Stan has spent many afternoons with him at his place of work - he was a movie projector attendant at Pavillion cinema in Bukit Bintang, KL. That explains Stan's incredible knowledge of old movies and bygone golden screen stars. He remembers having watched the original King Kong movie many many times!

Happy 78th Birthday - Mother!

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Oh! you have a beautiful family!
I'm french and I read your blog every week.Your création are very funny!
I see you soon!
bye bye!

I'm not speak a good english,exuse me!