Friday, July 14, 2006

In Bread Pudding Heaven!

Hmmm..mmm, that's just the only way to describe this bread pudding with chocolate sauce. Where else can you get good stuff like this - made with love by 'Josie Bakes'!

Shhh! Nigel's asleep. Isn't he angelic. This is the only time you get to cuddle him. He hates sleep, so you'll never expect him to take afternoon naps. He's a light sleeper and a very active boy. This restless little soul thinks sleep robs him off daylight hours!

This three year old is slowly coping with school. There's a little crying, I think it's the separation anxiety in the early mornings. Apparently he stops after a minute and starts to sulk and pout on his chair. His favourite words to the teacher are, "I'm tired!". The teacher thinks he is intelligent and very matured and the rest of the kids in his class doesnt know how to respond to him (I guess so, his class consists of quite a number of mandarin speaking kids and I noticed half of them are still learning to hold a pencil properly. Hmmm, I realise home learning is really vital to building the right foundation - not even playschool can do that.) And his knowledge of dinosaurs and pentagonal shape naming can put any teacher to shame. One thing about Nigel that I think annoys the teachers is his reluctance to being touched. He does not like to be held by the hand, guided on the shoulder or a pat on the back - he'll give that awful famous scowl of his and mutter, "don't do that, or I mad". When I heard it from the teacher, it was unmistakably NIGEL! Infact, I was so embarrassed when the principal told my mom (we go to the same church) that he even smacked the caregiver on the cheek when she tried to change his school uniform (apparently he puked). I think it's reflex, but still a very naughty thing to do. So much for school! We've been strategising on how his schooling will be better if we slept earlier (yeah right!), psyched him up (yeah right!), bribe him (yeah right! again) and even threaten him (yep, not a good idea - it causes tension in the whole class!). We are quite poofed! Aunty Dorcas - Now I know why your kids actually go to sleep in their uniform! I salute you. You deserve a 'Medal of Motherhood' for breastfeeding all 6 kids and bringing up all 6 brilliant kids! Cousins - you will only know parenthood when you have kids to call your own.


itaka said...

ummm que buena pinta, que rico debe estar, y en cuanto a la imagen es muy tierna

Carla said...

That chocolate sauce loosk delicious!!

What a sweet little boy. Can you send me some of his boundless energy? Please????