Saturday, July 22, 2006

My first Swap Package Arrived!

All the way from Bosnia. Thank you Maria and her talented 10 year old, Andre, for the lovely gifts. Perfect blue parcels filled with handmade goodies, toys, sweets, clothings and yarn for Nigel and me! And I love the letters and the notes most. Oh! How I pray my parcel will get to her and give her the same joy she's given us. (God speed!!!).

Posing with the new vest Maria sent. He was doing a lot of funny faces and I could only get this angle right - avoiding the mess at the back, of course.

Look at all the goodies. She even makes her own greeting cards and tote bags. Nigel loves the toys and the stickers, he practically claimed half the contents of the package and the bag of toffee. "Mine? Mine, ah?...Yeah!!!." I'm sorry Andre, no sweets and candy in my package, I thought it was not a good idea to send food over - that is until now - So wait for the next package of goodies I've planned for you!

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