Wednesday, July 05, 2006

First Day of School

He's only three and I have to say this for the record. If there were no schools for three year olds, I would not have sent my poor little lambikin to school so soon. But because of the fear that he will not be able to catch up with the rest of the kids (who parents think that sending the child to school is better than leaving them at home with the maid!) has forced me to accept the fact that schooling must start now!

So poor Nigel. His first day of school wasn't that bad - but still not too fun for him. His class consists of 15 three year olds who are some having a hard time staying awake and some emotionally high strung kids. Yes, there are bullies, sulking monkeys and the lost little kid in a class of babies. The occasional crying fits started by one kid actually can cause a series of chain effects And the phrase "I want to go home!" is the class motto. I must say that Nigel has been a brave boy and I'm proud of him for being quite cooperative and seems to enjoy the class. Mind you, he's the only one in class who can name all the dinosaurs by their rightful scientific names. BRACHIOSAURUS! And his favourite Tyrannasaurus Rex! Not some long neck dinosaur or sharp teeth dino one.

Suspicious of the early morning wake-up call and the uniform, the new school bag and the school shoes. Here's Nigel braving the new school day.

I have been going to school with him for the past three days and I'm already up to my neck with whining three year olds. These little angels have got so much brilliant excuses, you sometimes wonder whether they even need school!

Ahhh. My time-out is a big bite out of this Butter sponge cake with banana cream filling from Aunty Josie. Kicks the blues away from work and school!

It's my part-time project. A Macrame bag with rug yarn. (I'm sure you wonder where I get the time!) Well, I can't stand idle hands so this project is ideal when you're waiting for a file to save, a page to load or when Nigel does his Poo-poo. I have it hanging on chair corners, door knobs and everytime I steal a free moment, I tie a knot! Maybe I should post the craft page here.

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