Thursday, February 13, 2014

BANGKOK Trip 2013 | The Calm Before The Storm

We were on a 5 Day trip to Bangkok last year in November, right before chaos broke free in Thailand. We flew by Air Lufthansa (Forget the inflight food! Totally Yucks!) stayed at the Arnoma Hotel (Very nice & Clean Hotel), right across the big huge mall of Central (Talk about convenience!). We love Bangkok for its culture, friendly people, wholesale shopping and most of all its spicy FOOD! Here's to Bangkok and its new revolution!

At one of the most beautiful little Cafes ever. No Starbucks for us.

I love it that the owner actually sleeps in his shop at night.

Across the street where we usually change our money. Cheaper exchange rates!

Mom and dad, snapping away.

Dad says they serve one of the best coffee! Muscovado sugar in a separate cup.
An outdoor spot. Love the interior and the exterior of this shop.

We finally visited Jim Thompson's house.

Well preserved home of this elite Ang-moh who made Thailand his home in the 60's.

Don't forget to get tickets for your private tour.

A short history before you enter.

Jim Thompson's passion for Thai silk is portrayed everywhere. Live demo of silk worm rearing and weaving and dyeing.

Spinning silk threads under the hot sun.

The greenery is just spectacular here.

Frontage of his home.

Magnificent trees.

What a beautiful day.

Waiting for our tour to begin. We walked around the front part of the museum.

These are real lotus plants! Not them plastic ones you seem to see everywhere nowadays. Had to take a close up to proof my point.

The biggest gold fishes I've ever seen.

As you enter.

Spot a few weather beaten structures but still holding up this beautiful home.

Little paths leading into his lovely tropical garden.

Outside a souvenir shop.

Old scrolls collected by his family.

Fishies everywhere in the most unexpected places.
Staircases leading to rooms and chambers.

Our beautiful guide. We were all introduced to Jim Thompson's collection of antiques, paintings, sculptures and private rooms.

This is a wooden template for cloth printing. Notice the ruler or measurement on the top row.

The back of the house where the living rooms opens to the view of a running river. A village used to be on the opposite side of the bank.

A little Nyonya influence.

A little calf that is at least a century old.

Headless buddha. This is because the head is cut off by pirates, apparently it was easier to transport the head rather than the whole statue. Damn these pirates! This statue is 600 years old!!!

Wooden carvings and nail free beams.

A weaving table.

Thousands of silk worms. Creepy in a Fear factor kind of way.

Sorting the worms. Ewwww!

Orchids everywhere.

Hidden treasures along the paths.

A visit to Chinatown is a must. This is what a Chinatown should feel.

Crowded. Oriental goods. Haggling. All kinds of smells, good and bad.

Spotted this lady selling noodles. Got to try.

Dry flat noodles with over 10 ingredients! Quite nice!

Auntie selling Mangoes and her homemade dips. A must try!

She will let you try a few bites and then you are Hooked!

Travel by train, taxi or simply walk!

Cool airport mall, featuring different countries in each floor.

Eating at unexpected places.

Good food, weird retro decor.

Fishing is a must when you have a day to spare.

Dad, enjoying the view while fishing.

Nigel and his biggest catch ever!

Everywhere you go, you will find FOOD! And delivered to you too.

Nigel at the throne! He was munching all the way and we were so worried that he will get some form of tummy ache from all the spicy street food and drinks, surprisingly he survived Bangkok and enjoyed every morsel!

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