Friday, January 03, 2014

A Year In A Jiffy | Farewell 2013

Within the past year much has to be said about how blessed we all have been despite the challenges. Nothing speaks more than the photos I have in my current album. Going through them randomly I realise it has been one of the most eventful year I've ever had and so let me capture the year in one ginormous breath.

So, in 2013, I've baked countless cupcakes by the thousands, built my first Oreos wedding cake, attended my cousin's wedding, gone on a wonderful holiday with Meli, ridden on one of the scariest roller coaster rides of my life! Got upgraded to The Chairman Suite at the MBS. Celebrated and made my first Gangnam styly figurine cake for my darling God daughter Hayley, lost my dear beloved grandfather, attended our crafting Group's 6th Anniversary, watched Nigel train to become a wonderful swimmer and how he managed to score a perfect hundred for his maths exam. Discovered that dengue is such a threat to City folks. Went to Penang for a break, Bangkok next. Made my first photobook in memory of Kung-Kung, sang Titanium countless times it's stuck in my head. Attended my nieces wedding, hosted our family Christmas eve dinner, baked my first leg of lamb and best of all the arrival of Vera Lyn Tan. My God daughter! Congratulations Meow & Victoria on your new baby. She's the happiest little person I know!!!



Manuela Tinoco said...

happy new year... :)

zara may said...

I love your blog