Monday, April 01, 2013

My Belated First Post of The Year | More Cupcakes!

It's just terrible that I am doing this posting right now. This is such a belated posting, but you will see why I've been absent from blogworld. So much to do so little time.

These little dolls were for Fiona's wedding cupcakes.

They are just adorable.

Traditional yet kawaii looking.

Found a really cool way to do roses on fondant. Will post a tutorial when time permits.

We upcycled a tier by draping it with this wonderfully textured upholstery fabric.

Fiona wanted a cute sign on her dessert table.

Thanks Fiona for the opportunity!

These were cupcakes for a 21 year old surprise party.

Fondant keys, pink roses, sugar and spice and everything Pink & nice.

These were made with silicone victorian moulds.

The topper for the tier.
Lace hearts with a little shimmer dust.

Pink sakura flowers.

Hearts with vines.



The baking begins. These were orange poppy seed cuppies.

Icing the cupcakes. My most favourite part of the whole process.

Dollops of cream cheese!

I am so in love with this piping nozzle. Some creamsicle shapes have this salivating effect on me.


Placing the keys over the cream.

Mastering the rose piping.

The butterflies are holding up well.

White on pink. Gorgeous!

Something about textured fondant.

The whole ensemble.

These were Christmas cupcakes my neighbour Janet ordered.

Snowmen and snowflakes.
My Christmas Tree! Where I find the time...It's just been an amazing 2012!!!!

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