Tuesday, April 30, 2013


My grandfather passed away peacefully at his home on the 18th of April. We were all there, watching, praying and holding back tears. Here is a man who has taught us by example the true meaning of faithfulness, unconditional love and dedication. He has led an incredible life, fought a good fight and a champion in our hearts.

He was 84. We will miss his witty Hakka personality, his ever reassuring presence, his straightforwardness and no-nonsense fatherly charisma. His forgiving nature, his quirky remarks, his family videos, his willpower, his loyalty and his jolly chuckle. God Bless You. He will wish everyone, from the last days of his life. I think he knew, so he decided to extend God's blessings to everyone that came his path. So believe me, when my Kung Kung left to be with the Lord, God was near and there was no fear,  AMEN.

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