Thursday, December 27, 2012


 I took up the challenge to make a crown for Paul (a very dear crafting friend). He has a special dinner to attend and was simply themed 'hats'. Initially it was quite a difficult challenge as I had all these brilliant idea brewing in my head, from wiring an armature for papier mache to even using puff paints. After a few failed tries, I resorted to plain old chipboard. Ah! Why didn't I just use them ole cardboard! Duh!
We wanted to replicate the crown from the series Game of Thrones.
Cutting out the crown from the template. Drop me a comment if you want the template.

Glueing the cut outs onto the circular frame.

Arranging as you glue.

I even copied the pattern at the base to add some texture at the bottom.

Paper crown drying. Lot's of glue here and there.

A base coat of brown. Dry painting is best here, you don't want to mush up the chipboard. This material absorbs more moisture, so the paint dries really fast.

2 coats to make sure I cover the entire paper crown.

Dry brushing gold onto the brown coat.

Love this method! The dry brushing adds a real golden sheen to the whole crown.

Looks antiquated now. Air dry and then a layer of modge podge is applied on the inside of the crown. This is to make sure that the paint stays on the crown and not transfer onto the forehead. I did not varnish the front of the crown for fear of it appearing to shiny. You want the aged golden look. A strip of felt is glued to the rim for comfort.

Glued amber gems on the four corners.

See the felt at the brim.

Close up of the gem. They're just plastic tacks I found at Daiso.

Thanks Paul for the picture! Dashing isn't he?!! LOL.

Hi! I'm still sending out the template. But do remember to leave your e-mail address so that I can forward you one. Thanks peeps!!!


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xtie lau said...

hello there i just found this crown diy on another site and i'd love to make one for my friend's birthday! please send me the template to thank you so much <3

Alison Altier said...

So cool! Could you send the template to Thank you!

Eliovi Diaz said...

Could you please email me the template? I'd love to attempt to make this my senior crown.

Assifa Shaik said...

Loved the crown.. could u forward the template to me please.

Unknown said...

Gud work

Stefania Urrieta said...

Hey can you send me that template at thanks

raylene sanson said...

Can I get a template of this please. I'm having a game of thrones 21st birthday for my son and niece

raylene sanson said...

This would be awesome for my son's 21st since the theme is Game of thrones. Can you please send me the template

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