Thursday, August 04, 2011

Kenneth & Melissa's Wedding Prep : Part 1

A glimpse of the cake topper. Wait for the reveal post next!
This is really a marathon of a post. And like my cousin Grace, I'm doing a triathlon LOL! A crafting post in 3 parts. (Go check out her blog if you're into the real thing. She's very inspiring!) Anyways, this post actually began in April, or rather way back in March. See, this is a long overdue posting. Happy reading!
Keys! We've got to have keys. The wedding theme had a subtle notion to "The key to my heart". We (Nigel helped out with these.) gold painted some chipboard keys we found at a local scrapbooking store.
I made around 35pcs of bouttonaires. Miniature red roses and gold twigs. The ends are unfinished here. It was like factory on my dining table.
More corsages. Oh yes, these were for the groomsmen.

Prepping the lace piece for the flower girls. I've to apologise for the dark pictures. After all, the prep work are mostly done in the evening and sometime till late at night. I don't like to be interrupted midway so nite time is best crafting time for me.

Bought some fabulously inexpensive headbands to attach the laces.

Prepping the base for the cake topper. I bought some pegs from Artfriend. Did a cute arch out of some branches. Love the architectural supplies corner at Artfriend. They have tiny tiny miniatures of people, trees and props for building models.

More keys for the corsages.

Headless cake toppers! LOL! I've to assemble this in stages. The dress, the tie, the suit are all made to the exact replica of what the newly wed will wear on that day. Ask me how I got the lace?

The mess on my dining table.

The little white flowerish name plate on the front is from the scrapbooking store as well. It's foam like and rubbery frame and space/window in the middle so you can place a print right underneath. I can't remember the brand. Sorry. I threw away the packaging. Clean as I go. I bought the moss and some scenic glue (you must try this glue!). Did a nice job on the ground. Love the grassy feel of moss at the feet/base.

Heads! Hahahaah! It took me awhile to get the hair right and the spectacles in the right shape too. It was a challenge to get the glasses in the same shape. I used a Korean dry fast clay for the hair. You can buy these at bookstores and in black too. I prefer this than drawing on the wooden balls.

Decorated the buckets for the flower girls. Roses and a little birdie at the edge. Guess what we put inside to give out? Instead of the usual flower petals, we filled the little pail with candy and had the girls pass them out to the people sitting at the side as they walk in.

Ready sewn to the headband. I didn't want to risk the lace falling off midway and probably safer for children if I don't use any toxic glue chemicals on these. So....

They were handsewn all the way!

A special boutonnaire for the groomsmen - day use.

A bucket of hummingbirds!
Will post about the wedding day itself next and then...more cupcakes! Hugs!!!!


gracie said...

Love love love what you did for my lil bro and his lovely bride for their wedding day!!

Rose said...

Mel, The floral bucket says Rose - it must be for me then!...:)