Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Good Things PART 2 | More baking!

We celebrated Hayley's full moon 2 weeks ago. Here she is at almost 2 months now. She's a bubbly little princess and Nigel loves Hayley like a little pet!

I baked cupcakes for the dinner party.

3 flavours : Macadamia Honey, Chocolate Fudge and Orange and Poppy Seed cupcakes.

These were strawberry & vanilla ones. I made these a week earlier to practice on the swirls.
They were really pink. Even the batter was pink! Looks like out of Bakery Story?!

Nigel : My official Tester.


More cupcakes for the fullmoon. Looks a little wonky. Sorry, but was rushing like crazy.

AND THESE, are Nigel's Teacher's Day pressies. Got the apples the very last minute.
Was frantically sewing up the buttons and attaching the labels until midnight.
All this while watching American Idol. LOL!
Love the blue one a lot.
Made Lasagna for dinner the next day. YUMMY!

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