Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Good Things PART 1 | To A Great Baking and Crafting Month!

I went through my photo albums and found so many good things I've done this past 2 months. Here's only half the lot. Have to tell myself to remember to blog as I craft now, or the load of each post is going to be super duper long. Happy reading and Happy Crafting!
We celebrated Elizabeth's 21st Birthday. This is really before Hayley was born. So you can imagine how far back I am on blogging.

I made this especially for Elizabeth since I found out that she was getting a netbook from her family. She is a special girl all ready to explore the world. Bon Voyage Elizabeth!

Netbook bag made with a beautiful print I found at Kamdar. They have the nicest heavy upholstery fabrics nowadays.

I added a special pin for Elizabeth.

Crocheted a cosy for her netbook too. In mathing shades of lavendar and pinks.

Embellished with layers of bitty buttons.

I thought I should add a clasp inside for holding on to handphone pouches and such.

A close up of the layering and the variegated mix of yarns I used. You can always experiment with different shades to get an extraordinary range of colours. I'm always surprised by the effect. I used 3 colours, grey, beige and lilac.

Sorry, can't help snapping a few more photos of these.

 AND on a totally different subject... CUPCAKES! My sister in law recently ordered some cupcakes from me. She wanted to give them out to her colleagues together with her son's wedding invite. What a great idea.

Double chocolate fudge cupcake without the fondant.

I did these a few days ahead. Need them dry and ready to use.

Hearts for the chocolate.

Nude mocha cupcakes. Oh yes, I made 4 flavours!

Caramel cupcakes cooling off.

Boxes and more boxes all stacked up and ready for some assembly.

I made these also a few days ahead. Using magazine pages really help with the form.

They dry wonderfully like this.

Close up of the caramel cupcakes with the cream cheese and fondant butterfly.


Mocha cupcakes with cream cheese and flower fondant!

I love this shot! So yummy!

Heart confetti on Orange and poppy seed cupcakes.

My kitchen smells heavenly!!!

The petit four cupcakes in the box. I found these perfect boxes from our local cake shop. Aren't they great!

Close up.

The beautiful mess on my kitchen table.

Box and packaging.

All ready to be delivered.
Watch out for my next post on Kenneth's wedding preparations! Hugs!!!!


Aspergirl Haley said...

Oh my! I am in love with the netbook bag!

Astrid said...

Can't get my eyes off those yummy cupcakes! They look gorgeous, even the boxes do! Such a brilliant idea! Beautiful netbook bag, love the fabric, very delicate!

mamasan said...

been following your blog for a while now, and you are really a stunningly creative person! everything you make is with such love and your whole family gets involved... it's lovely to see and very admirable :)

these invites are gorgeous!

Alia Dalwai said...


I am your Follower!
I loved the Netbook Bag and I Loooooved the Cupcakes! Look so yummy!
I am very fond of your blog!
Keep up the good work!

Do visit my Blog too and Follow it if you like it!


louisvillechiropractic said...

I wonder where have I been when all I do is browsing the internet. I just come cross your blog and found this delightful, delicious and beautifully designed cupcakes.