Sunday, March 13, 2011

It's Great To Be Eight! : NIGEL'S PARTY REPORT

We celebrated Nigel's 8th birthday 2 weeks ago and here are the pictures of that BUZZY DAY!
Building the centrepiece. Nigel wanted a Phineas & Ferb theme birthday party. Now in Malaysia, that's almost impossible to look for any merchandise or party stuff on that comic theme. Looks like everything have to be handmade. I wrapped a styrofoam core with waves cut out of corrugated cardboard. You can buy these by the rolls from Popular Bookshop.
I used crepe paper for the base before double sided taping the waves onto the stryofoam core.
Made coloured buntings by sewing rows and rows of triangles. I bought a box of memo pad that came in a myriad of colours and have them cut into triangles.
The centrepiece taking shape.
A little banner with the theme ' It's Great To Be Eight!' Printed on my Epson and assembled together. I used 3D dots stickers for a layered effect. Can't see much here, but makes a lot of difference.

Had to anchor a stream of ribbon with a curtain rod around the air-cond. Stapled the buntings across. See the buntings growing in size? LOL! I LOVE IT!!!!
A little platform for my Marshmallow pops! Yep, there were marshmallow pops!
Made these a few days in advance. Same method as the rabbit ones I did last Chinese New Year. Just coloured candy melts, piped into dolphin shapes.
Broke some while placing them on the cupcakes! Yikes.
Look how they swim!
Caramel cream cheese frosted cupcakes! Totally YUMMY! I stayed away from putting any nuts. Kids just hate them. I don't know why???
The banner all up.
So cute!
My table with all the goodies. We had bubbles, marshmallow pops, harmonicas, chips, drinks, ham sandwiches, pasta & pizza. Lot's of candy and goodies everywhere.
Played some games.
This is a cool game. Kids are to build the tallest toothpick tower. We used peas and toothpicks. The peas harden when air dried! That's so cool!
Some were struggling.
Some decided to eat some peas!
Some had strategies.
Some just waited for the elder brother to do the whole job! LOL!
Worried look, checking on the time.
Some went crazy! Tallest tower, my dears, not the weirdest!
Oooooh! So structural.
So cathedral like.
The winners of course!
I'm so proud of my eight year old. He's a natural when it comes to performing for so many people.
Thanks to Unca Meow! He did some ballooning.
My mother inlaw joined in the fun. We must have scared her with the noise level and mess!
Pretty girls in a row.
Unca organised some games outside. They all had so much fun!
The gang having pizzas and pasta. Mind you, all were home made!
I want! I want!
Gentle girls seat on the dining table to eat. Some of the kids were just well mannered and good behaving little souls!
Immanuel munching down pasta!
Ooooh! Bought this at the big apple doughnut store. They're called donashis! Doughnuts that look like sushi!
Who better then dad to serve these!
Marshmallow pops!
Cupcakes on the centrepiece.
Unca Meow Loosing his VOICE.
Boys playing tops.
Girls learning the piano.
Awwwww! So cute!
Love this photo!
Mom giving out the marshmallow pop. I was crossing my fingers and praying...spare my couch & walls!!
I know Ruun Ann had a few.
Rachel's little sis too.


Anna said...

amazing party!

fialka012 said...

Moc pěkné věci...

abby jenkins said...

I love the bunting! so cute and the marshmallow pops, and the donut sushi! What a great party, and a lucky 8 year old!