Tuesday, March 29, 2011

NNC 4th Anniversary : A Great Time With Friends!

I began baking the cheesecake a day before. I've loaded it with strawberries and cream cheese. The hostess favourite!
We celebrated our crafting group's 4th anniversary recently and it's one of the biggest highlights of the Group every year as we make it a point to gather and have some crafting fun together. Here are some of the photos I took from my friends' blogs and postings.

Special request by Paul, Double Fudge Chocolate Cupcakes. This is why they call it double fudge....the fudgy pecan brownie is topped with a stream of melted dark chocolate before the icing!!!

Cream cheese frosting and fondant buttons.

Don't they look so cute! Made the buttons a couple of days before. Fondant takes a really long time to dry in our humid country.

The cupcakes at the hostess house. We had a fun and bumpy ride there, thanks Jackie for graciously driving us there every year!

Me, behind a  table of goodies. We have an annual exchange between all the members at NNC.
Everyone enjoying the food. That's Rose (the hostess) on the left and Radha (our in-house Doc!).

We love food!!!

We love the company!

We ate and laughed together.

We celebrate together too. Happy Birthday Usha!!!

Nik gave us a special hardanger demo. It was so well-prepared, we thought we were in one of Nik's crafting talkshows.

Anna received my gift!
Part of this year's must do project is to include a heart shaped gingham in your exchange. Look at all the gingham hearts! We are one creative group.
That's my gingham heart that coordinated with the craft caddy I made. It's filled with all sorts of buttons!!!
The big box of goodies is made by Nik. Check out the embellishment & The embroidery! That's lots of work there.

More gifts were given out by Nik.

Happy As Can Be!

We had Sally set up shop too. I bought a few straps and charms.

We also have some really generous members who gave extras throughout the day.

THANKS NNC for a wonderful day. Can't wait for the next one already! Hugs!!!!


The Heart of Paul said...

Mel! YOUR PECAN DOUBLE CHOCOLATE FUDGE CUPCAKE WAS OUT OF THIS WORLD! Thank you for making them and letting me have more than my fair share :D

may said...

can see that you all having a good time, hope one day I can join you all.Am looking for something else and chance upon your blog.