Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Romantic Month

My cousin Justin was going to his first ball and he wanted to impress his gal with a handmade corsage. Of course I had to help him save some money too! This tutorial has been going around the web crafting world I thought this was a perfect opportunity to try it out.
I've many organza scraps and wispy materials lying about. So you start by cutting loads of circles, or petals or any shape you want your corsage to have. I had them in many sizes, the smallest being around 5cm to 10cm the largest piece. Don't cut them too small, you risk burning your fingers! LOL! Note : This method does not work for thick materials. Only organza!

Place a pan of water just in case the material catches fire. I use a simple tealight. Hold the edge and lightly singe the organza circle in a swift motion. This has to be quick so that you don't scorch the whole piece. The pan of water will be helpful if it catches fire!!! Obviously this project is not for children!

You'll enjoy doing this part. Stacking the pieces, you can alternate different textures and colours to achieve a nice layered effect of a blooming flower.

I had to cut more organza pieces to fill up the two flowers I was building. A small one for his coat boutonnaire and a few bigger ones for her hand corsage.

As you can see on the far left, the smaller boutoinnaire is already done.

Get your beads all out to play. After much contemplating, I decided to stick to a simple blue bead theme.
Sewing the beads and the petals together. I weaved them in between petals to create volume. Tucking them in between the petals for a nice shiny sparkling effect in between.

See the thread coming out from the underside. Here you can stitch in more beads. I made around three different sized blooms like this and had them attached side by side to create an even bigger bloom.

Finish off by tying a note to ribbon strands, long enough to tie around her wrist. Justin's bouttonaire was fastened to a wire and wrapped with floral tape and silver ribbons. A pin is used to pin the bloom to his coat!
Easy Peasy! I also added a felt patch at the bottom so that it'll be easy on the skin.

Isn't it romantic!?


Paul Lionel said...

But Yoonie, won't it smell like smoke or something burning??

Nice of you to help with the corsage lah. I wish your cousin best of luck with his girl ;)

Sewprettypink said...

that's lovely

Creative B Bee said...

I must try this one day. thank you for sharing!!

BizeeBeeCreations said...

Looks like a lot of work but fun too! I bet they'd be pretty for a wedding too! The scorched edges give it a vintage look.

Hippo said...

Hey, thanks for dropping by my site and I had become your follower too! Nice stuff you have here though, keep it up!

c a b b i e n a said...

i just love all of ur handmade things!!!
u r so so so so talented grl!!!

Moni said...

Nice site. Please visit my site, too.

Greetings from Austria


Dani - tkdchick said...

Beautiful job and nice idea!