Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fishing Trip To Bangi!

I woke up at 6am and no one took my photo??? ( I'm actually right behind this little fisherman!)

Yes, you heard me. I went fishing with the boys! All the way to Bangi before sunrise. For the love of my son!!

I like this little orchard pond location in Bangi. You can drive your car right up to the pond's edge and start fishing. It's a paying pond, it has a neat little goat farm and a caretaker living in a robinson crusoe chalet. No funky smells - just clean fresh air! My son keeps telling me!!

Mom! Stop taking photos!! LOL! I can't help it. The sun was coming in and yes, I'm seeing my son in a brand new light. He's so grown up. (gulp!)

I've grown up following my dad fishing when I was a kid. Although I didn't care much for it, simply because I hate fish, I like the family trips. The complains that come with it and the good food that comes after. Good Times!


Coloquinte said...

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ShannyK-L said...

LOL! You're lucky to a a hubby that doesn't go fishing like my dad! LOL! I remember we were basically tied to almost all of his fishing trips in the open sea almost EVERY SCHOOL HOLIDAY! Tioman, Redang, Pemangil, you name it.... The trick to not get seasick: skip b'fast, drink only water OR don't go out to sea!