Sunday, June 07, 2009

A New Crochet Bag for Tini! | Testing the Afghan Needle

Tini of Snazzy n Such organised a little get together at her new studio/home so that for those who will miss the Bee next week can meet up with Shanny too. (Welcome home Shanny! And have a lovely holiday!!) And Tini had been wanting a crochet bag, so this was a great opportunity for me to improve on my usuall crochet bags. This also takes about 2 days to make. Have a look...
Getting him to hold the tote was not as hard as I thought. LOL!

The flap for the button was a tacky one. Finally a use for the Afghan needle I bought from Macy months ago. Actually found a tutorial on You-tube and it was quite easy to learn. The stitches turned out really nice and even.

Close-up of where I began crocheting the flap for the bag.

Same principles as crocheting. The buttonhole was easier than I thought. Wow! I like my Afghan needle!!!

This bag has a base. I wanted a bag that sits up when you put on the floor.

And to fit a box of three tiered containers for Tini's sewing knick-knacks.

Fits snugly like a bug!

Close-up of the Afghan stitches. Turned out really neat. If I use the same crocheting method for a flat piece, you'll see reversed crochet stitches on alternate lines, but with an Afghan needle it's like knitting all on the front. LOVE THE BUTTON TOO!!!

This is just Nigel, saying Hi! to Everyone!!! I miss him!!! He's gone for church camp with granny this weekend.


busymum100 said...


Wah... big, nice and handy to Tini, I am sure!

This time, the bag has a flap to cover it huh? Cool lah..

I like the model the most, because he's so sweet too.

Otherwise known as Jen said...

Only 2 days to whip that up? Wow! That's fantastic. It's takes me forever to finish knitting or crocheting...but that's mostly because I procrastinate like anything. Not to mention being happpily distracted by myriad sewing projects (which I really like) ;)

Btw, the buttons arrived last week and they're lovely!

silvia said...

wow...your bag it's so cute ...but i love too much all your crochet works ^_^ greetings from italy

Maria Luisa said...

Hi, I'm Maria Luisa from Italy.
I like so much your bag, you're very clever!!

hOOdedLicIOUS said...

I always want a bag like beautiful..

CaPiQa said...

love that tote. n the big button too!

just nice ^_^

nasuha ahmad helmi said...

that's One beautiful bag...i like the cOlours...why dOn't u sell One at u'r blOgshOp?

Applique Tee Shoppe said...

waaah canteknya bag niii

Crystal said...

Love the bag!