Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bookmark Exchange from ROSE!

It's been a totally hectic week. I left for Bangkok the week before (Yes, It was a lovely holiday with my mom! Will blog about that later!!!) and I received a surprise box from Rose the day before, my secret bookmark exchange partner and the sweetest lady I've the privilege to meet. Sorry Rose for putting this up so late...

What's up with the Postoffice service!? The envelope was torn on an edge, resealed back and all crumpled. As if it went around the world and came back to me - only that the mail came from Kelana Jaya! Thank goodness for the plastic wrapping inside.

The goodies inside. Love the colours. Thanks Rose for the yarns (We can never have enough of em!) and the most beautiful bookmarks. And three of them in different styles!!! And a towel with roses embroidered.

Close-up of the beautiful bookmarks. Thanks Rose for the cross stitched bookmark, the fabulous scrapbooking and crocheted/macrame bookmarks!!!

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The Mully's said...

i absolutley love this idea, how did you come up with it? (I don't know anyone who is into crafts like me!) I'm very jealous, but am so happy I found your page. Thank you for your wonderful blog!