Friday, June 20, 2008

June's Adventure in Crochet

I started this month by completing some crochet orders and exchanges. I know I must be boring you with more crochet madness, but it's the latest craze in our crafting group and we're having a lot of fun stashing and crocheting! Here goes...

Look at these coasters Usha made for me for the Tea Coaster Exchange. Instead of 6, I received a dozen! All in my favourite colours. Don't think I'll ever place a cup on these lovely doilies.

A special set, just for me too!

A coffee table cover in a dark maroon colour.

Don't they all look gorgeous! Thanks Usha!!! The Queen of Crochet!!!!

An apron I made for an international exchange organised by Abby. The theme was summer apron and my apron swap buddy lives in Vienna. Thank God the postage was affordable!
Hope Alisha likes the cupcake too!
This baby set I completed last week is now on its way to Malacca! It's a special order from WL to her friend who just gave birth to a baby girl.
The set consists of a pair of booties, a soft headband and onesie for the baby & a matching flower pin for the proud mommie!
I'll be working on a cute little tutorial to be featured here using leftover rug yarns and felt pieces. Look out for it! Thanks for visiting!!!.


biblo said...

And what a great adventure!!! Love those booties. The cupcake pincushion and craft apron for Alisha are awesome. Usha is certainly the Queen of Crochet!!

Paul Lionel said...

Mel the coasters/doilies are super!!!! Congratulations!

Rozi said...

Wow, you're so good with your hands and your designs! Did you work in commercial arts before? Cos I went through your whole blog and the designs you came out with your computer are wonderful to go along with the pieces that you made.

Zuleika said...

Those doilies are absolutely gorgeous!

Alisha will love that cute apron and pincushion. You always use such beautiful colors.

That baby set is sooo cute! The recipient will be the best dressed baby around. :-)

Alisha said...

I do love the apron and pincushion! I emailed you about the apron, but I forgot to mention the pincushion. Not only do I love it, but I really need one too!

And the packaging was great. I just love great packaging. I'm definitely keeping the tag. :)

macati said...

sososososoosososo beautiful... oh envy... lucky you...

Anonymous said...

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Bong Ginni said...

Love the booties and the whole set... do you share the instructions?? Actually i am expecting a baby girl in 6 weeks time... and would love to make it for my baby girl... :D
I will be gr8 if you can share it ... or else... its ok! your work is just amazing!!