Saturday, April 05, 2008

Slice of Cake Exchange With NNC 08

This year I took part in a few exchanges with our craft group, NNC and the theme for February was Felt Cupcake Creations. My partner was the founder herself, Nikainun. And she's a talented lady at cross-stitching, bagmaking & quilting. Visit her blog, she's a big fan of Akademi Fantasia (Our local version of American idol!)! Here's the cake I made for her and the process.

The exchange must also include a favourite recipe as well. Instead of a slice of cake, which I've done before for Nik in the past I decided to make a whole entire cake!

Making the basic round base with felt and stuffings. Ignore the mess at the back. I love my mess!
I cut a treacle of icing on the sides freehand out of a row of white felt. One round piece for the top.
Blanket stitch the white icing together to the base.
My favourite technique of combining crochet into my crafts lately!

Threading a row of ribbons into lace for the border. I just tied it around the base and finish off with a bow.

Assembling the cake with all the rest of the felt goodies.

For the strawberries I used a circle of felt cut into halves. Sew the edges to form a cone and stuff with fibre.

Sew the edges together.
Cut stars from green felt for the leaves and UHU glue to finish off. I made some chocolate rolls for fun. Just roll brown felt into tubes and use some embroidery thread for the swirls.

I downloaded the recipe from Martha Stewart's website and have it relayout and laminated just for Nik. A ring holds a corner so the individual steps will fan out for easy reference.

Tied a few ribbons and tada! A miniature recipe card.

Nik ordered a couple of these cream puffs and I just included it into the exchange. These are fun to do, although I still owe her some yellow ones. (I just could'nt find any pastel yellow yarn!!)

I topped the cake with a felt lavendar flower, some strawberries and felt chocolate rolls. Yummilicious!


Barbara said...

Thanks Mel for taking step by step pics. So now the beautiful felt cake is demystified! :)

I like the way you laminated those recipe cards ... nice touch :)

ShannyK-L said...

Its simply delicious your cake!! and so pretty wor! hehehehehehe...

as they say no one does it like Martha! ;)

Ciyou said...

those cakes are just so lovely~~ You partner will be so delight

kitkat said...

Gosh! This is super gorgeous, Mel. Beautiful and looks good enough to eat!!

Nora said...

yummy! Beautiful!

Aniza said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ginger said...

Wow that is so clever so happy i dropped by to see this.Cute* cute*
i'll be back thank you so much for sharing how to make them.

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