Monday, January 21, 2008

Sewing for Mom

I've been sewing for my mom last year and here's a little peak at the things I've made and re-upholstered. And just last week- my first attempts at sewing curtains too. Hmmm...What's next? Oh yes, will be posting some fun crafts for Valentines soon!

An ikea storage stool that came with a boring top. I made a cover with all that fancy pleats and leftover material from a tote bag actually.
I re-upholstered and repainted these bar stools. Uncle Johnathan will recognise these seats, they were from his old house in PJ. They're brand new now.
A piano cover. This was my big @## project last year and it took pretty long and loads of material.
And this is totally out of the post. But we were all poofed today. All that travelling around really did it for us all.

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