Thursday, January 03, 2008

Beginning The New Year With A Mega Post

Happy New Year to all! It's been a busy month of Dec and with my whole family back at home for a wedding, the last month of 2007 passed like a dream! Here's a mega posting of Nigel's stuffie toy he made himself during the school holidays, Shen-ni & Johnathan's wedding right through all the crazy things we did on Christmas. And all that eating and last minute crafting has been absolutely an overdose of everything that is good!!! And I'm really touched by all the emails I've been receiving from all my blog friends from all over the world. It has been a wonderful year and thank you for the crafting support. HUGS!

No school holiday is complete with a little crafting. I've been thinking about doing some robot soft toys and I suck at drawing robots, so Nigel was my hired artist. He'll draw anything for M&Ms.

Had the drawing scanned and cleaned up with Photoshop. Filled in with some colour and sized it for printing into this inkjet canvas Grace lugged home for me from the states. Remind me to get more of this incredible canvas. It's an iron-on canvas that lets you print on your inkjet printer.

Printing was easy-peasy. Just load the right side up and print. Iron-on to a fabric and piece together by sewing . Sew fabric right side facing each other and invert at a small opening.

See him stuff that toy! Using his feet and all. Small hands do a better job when the toy is small. Stitch it up to close the opening and voila!!

He named his robot Adryon!

Pretending to sleep with Adryon. But he's actually in love with his little stuff toy he made and Adryon sleeps by his side every night now.

A tutu and a pink wabbit for 'Sica'. She's my biggest fan and daughter to a talented scrapbook artist - Katherine Saw!
The apron I made for Auntie Josie. A passionate cook and the reason why we are all overweight! I paired my favourite oriental fabric with some classical gingham and finished it off with vintage lace.
The little hamplett I assembled for Uncle Peter (What a sport and generous Uncle! He sponsored a gift for the Christmas Tree contest!) and Auntie Josie (For all that delicious and memorable food we had throughout the celebrations.).
A frame for mom. Picture was selected by Nigel and of course, a beautiful poem for his popo.
My Christmas tree was laden with handmade ornaments. This picture does little justice to all the little handmade gifts I've received from the swap and wonderful friend BJ!

I took down our Christmas tree today and look at my stash of handmade ornaments. Aren't they beautiful. I've been blessed.

A free-hand applique of a cupcake fit for a princess. My cousin Shen is into scrapbooking now and she was also my Christmas swap family, so I made her a little cupcake crafting pouch. And because it's her wedding I added the lace (pieces of remnant lace I got from the lady who made my wedding dress!) for a good measure of blessings!
The finished pouch with a button and a polka dot ribbon for an anchor at the zip.

Put everything in a pink box and I hope she'll have fun with the scrapbooking materials I got from Scrap and Crop. Have some wine and start scrapbooking!? Hahah!
Congratulations to Shen-Ni & Johnathan. It has truly been a wonderful ceremony and we love every detail you've whole heartedly planned for this special day. We all had an incredible weekend and here's all of us wishing you all the best. And Man, you made us all cry with that love serenade. Give thanks to the Lord, for you have found HER!!
Nigel and his sweet flower girl walking down the aisle as ring bearer.
Pretty maids in a row and a handsome prince at their tail. (Guffaw!!!)
Nigel with Unca Meow and soon-to-be Auntie in law!
All my cousins. Yean...We miss you too!
My babysitter is back. See you during the Chinese New Year. Will we be expecting your love interest?

Our family shot with our grandparents. A night of tribute to Chop Lee Kwan. After 7 decades of operations, this sundry shop has made us what we are today. This shop deserves a posting all on its own.
Founder of Chop Lee Kwan. My greatgrand parents started it all 7 decades ago and their legacy continues till today. This is a picture I retouched from an old picture and had it framed for my grandfather.
The Christmas tree contest in progress. Look at the enthusiasm and the utter mess! We have to thank all the sponsors and we hope next year they'll continue to contribute to this fun cause!

Everyone working hard on their designs. Look at the concentration.
Elizabeth and her mom's creation. I hope we didn't scare them away with our noise and mess.
Stan and Nigel's Magical Tree. A cute lacy Christmas tree with all the shiny confetti.
All the contestant's tree. Spelling mistake and all. Will post the winnings in the next post. Still waiting for the photos from Meow! (get the hint!)

Finishing touches by the Lees.
Hands Down for the winner!

So excited I have to shoo! everyone to the living hall where a jazzy team was preparing for a fantastic musical showdown. And while the judges selected the winners, we were treated to a special performance by our two very talented cousins (under heavy supervision by their mother!)
Aren't they just cool.

The three birthday kids cutting their 3-different flavoured cakes made by Auntie Josie! Yummy!


Barbara said...

OMG!! That IS a mega-mega post! :D

Lovely pics of fun and laughter! Faizon's snowflakes are out of this world! It's art on your tree!

Katy said...

Hi, just wanted to tell you that your blog is SO inspiring to me! Keep up the good work! I put a link to you in my newly-created blog. :] Hope you don’t mind!


kitkat said...

Hi dear, thank you so much for the beautiful tutu and Wabbit. Sica has Wabbit tucked into bed with her nightly. I'm struggling with getting a shot of her in the tutu ... she's the wriggliest little worm who cannot keep still enough for a decent photo to be taken :( BUT I will keep trying!! Love all your beautiful handmade goodies.

Amber said...

I LOVE the robot toy! It is precious and I can bet that any kid would just love LOVE to basically design their own stuffed animal! Its an awesome idea!

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