Monday, April 16, 2007

Three Bags and Counting...

It's just a little work-in-progress report. Not bad for the month of April!

Completed a messenger bag for Nigel. We stuck his favourite phrase 'Whatever' on the front and look at his glee.
Four totes and counting... Using up my canvas stash from Petaling Street. You can find all sorts of canvases there. Light and heavy weight canvas, striped and coloured ones.
Finally finished crocheting BJ's pincushion. It's a little gift for a dear friend. (Psst, I need your address now. The box that you sent was ripped at the bottom where your address is.)
My darling little pincushion from June. Look at the details. It's too pweetty to be a pincushion.
Blushing cheeks and blonde curls!


Barbara said...

Thanks so much Mel, it really looks yummy :) June pincushion looks so endearing. She's going into the basket for display isn't she? :) And those tote and messenger bags very creative. Slow and steady :)

Evelyn Lum said...

I LOVE your crochet pincushion. Would you share your pattern?
BTW, Nigel is so blessed to have such a creative mom!