Friday, November 17, 2006

The School Holidays Are Here!!!

Today was Nigel's last day of school and it was a day filled with lots of goodies. What a day! With a 24-hour deadline hanging over my head, I still manage to pack a kid a sand-castle kit each and some snack food for the school party. I was expecting a lot of junk food, so I thought a healthy tortilla roll would be just nice. 3 year olds are really picky eaters, and I was happy the rolls was gone in seconds! (Mushroom chicken ham, fiji apple slices and a slice of cheddar, of course a little piece of buttercup lettuce.) Oh yes, a little flag to cheer these little monkeys on their one month holiday (Imagine that - 1 month of NO SCHOOL). With the church carnival in less than 20 days, I've got tote bags to finish, felt pins to complete, more soft toys to sew, jewelery to make...yikes and a whole load of design work. Year 'ends' are always so hectic.

Oh yes, Welcome Joy to Kuala Lumpur! Can't wait to go Christmas shopping with you...until then back to my unending load of work work work!

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joy said...

Hey Yoon!
Thanks for the warm welcome :-) (yes and from nigel too!) Was so much fun helping you sew, stuff and pack for the church fair. You must post some pics of some fudgy wudgees, snoogems and scotties up on here. Congrats on the success of the complete sale of all your items in under 4 hours! And now for the first annual christmas gift exchange and gingerbread house making competition! You will turn us all into crafters yet!