Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Stan, The MAN.

Yep, that's right. He's the man. Have not found a recent photo of my husband. He's extremely camera shy and I think he said, "Don't put me in your Blog!". So, here's a couple of nice shots of him and Nigel without his permission.

This was taken when we went to Singapore for the weekend with grandma! He's one and a half years old and he's got that beatle hairstyle. Daddy's his personal hairstylist. I must say, my husband does a great job cutting his hair.

Anyway, Stan and his badminton buddies won a trophy playing in a local badminton tournament. It was two Sundays of extreme badmintonship. And they won RM200 as prize money, which they all spent for lunch! Each got a plastic medal and a cup to share.

We also visited the Singapore zoo and here's Stan holding on to an eager horse rider. Nigel is actually having a conversation with this horse.
I think this is the reason why he loves horses.

Horseriding in Penang can be costly. His two rounds around the beach costed RM45, but his picture here...priceless.

Look at him enjoy the scenery.

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