Wednesday, April 05, 2006

My favourite things

Here's some of the soaps I have made in the previous year.
Thanks to Grace (my cousin) who brought the soap base from US and lugging the kilos for me!
Great feedbacks from family and friends who have used it, I think it's the quality of the base that makes it a great soap. Will be making somemore next week, going to Bali first for a holiday with Nigel and Mom!

I have also posted my two favourite bags I got from Bali in my last trip there and one from the Island Shop. ALL FOR LESS THAN RM18!!!

Any special orders? We're going next Monday for 4 days and Bali has got loads of these bags!!!

1 comment:

joy said...

Hey Yoon! I always knew you were the Malaysian Martha Stewart! Those soaps look very professional. Enjoyin your blog.. will make everyone want to come visit us here in ol NZ. Oh and love the bags! would put in my order but I'm supposed to be cutting back! Like my shoes! hehe (remember that "gucci" we bargained for in penang? the strap broke!) You'll be pleased to know i havent shopped since coming back from that shop-a-thon in Msia! :-) Hi to Nigel from joy jeje