Monday, December 28, 2015


I wanted to create a wedding cupcake tier that reflects on the couple's personality. Combining scrapbooking and some organic elements to the concept, the cupcake tier turned out quite cool. I took a couple of photos from their Facebook postings and incorporated it throughout the tiers. It tells a love story that is pure and simple. What an intimate and beautiful wedding! Congratulations to an awesome couple!!!

Joy's actual bicycle is a gift from Warren.
I found a plastic one that looks almost like hers, except for the colours.

Took it apart and hopefully could put them back again.

Prepping the parts for spray paint. I need to remind myself next time to use a primer first. Because I forgot, I had to respray a couple of the parts a few times.

Spray painted parts. I had different boxes for different colours outside my house. My neighbour was really wondering what those boxes were on my lawn. LOL!

Assembling the tiers. I had to make sure it could hold over 60 cupcakes.

Was going to use the original wedding card paper, but ironically, I found the wrapper more suitable.

I compared the effect.

These frames were from American Craft scrapbooking elements.

Cutting the base from the paper. So much for recycling, I had only a giant piece, so every square inch must count.

Getting the sides cut and measured.

The base. I used architecture miniature lawn bits. Never do this in front of the fan. It's a real mess to clear.

My coffee table is a mess right now.

I swear by this glue. It's pretty expensive, but it's made for architectural modelling. It dries clear and super fast!

The main monogram.

The rest are assembled with glue foam dots. These again made my life super super easy.

The tier beginning to take shape.

Securing the bike to the base.

Close up of the bike from the back. The little wooden frame was from a laser wood cut pieces I found at the MR. DIY shop. Love Love that shop. Lots of hidden treasures.

Close up of some of the photos of the couple.

Cake tier at the site.

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