Wednesday, March 04, 2015


We must have a Frozen themed birthday cake! Simply because my 2 God daughters are really worth melting for. LOL! So, here's a little tute on how I made Olaf with fondant for Vera's very first birthday party.

It usually starts with a little inspiration. Bought these set of key chain charms from Chinatown. Took off the links and chains and you have perfect figurines in a row.
Sketching Olaf was easy.
Had to do some online research. Printed out a template so Olaf will be proportionate.

The ring base is just a sheet of foil rolled up into a doughnut.

Cover with a thick layer of white fondant.

Pressed firmly and shaping it to the foil ring.

Another layer of orange coloured fondant.

Make sure to tuck in the edges neatly.

Olaf's body.

Stubby legs.

His face is relatively easy to do when you have sketched him out and have a visual of his head shape in mind. Add black for the insides of his mouth.

Supported the tooth initially with a kitchen towel.

A toothpick works better as support.

Constructing the face. Note to self...Olaf's eye's are supposed to be touching each other. Yikes!

His nose has to look carrot like. So don't forget the ridges on the carrot skin.

Plonking his head onto the body. I used as toothpicks as support.

Surprisingly the eyes are store bought. But you can very well make these out of normal fondant.

Close up.

Don't forget the coconut.

I had the hairpiece and hands made separately. I secured the hairpiece onto a pin to dry. Made a hole on the head so I can insert later.

Adding the arms.


The heat and humidity creating havoc in my kitchen. Had to support the head while it dries.

A teeny tiny paper umbrella. I used a flower paper puncher and folded the petals to resemble an umbrella.

Finally deciding on the tier factor.

The baking begins. COCONUT CUPCAKES! I'm sure Olaf would have approved.
 I also made Vanilla ones, just in case.

While prepping for Vera's birthday cake I also made some fondant for Christmas!

Penguins and polar bears.

Frozen themed cupcakes all dolled up.

For my neighbours!

The whole tier.

Vera and Kai Yeh!

Hayley biting into a whole cupcake!

Queen Elsa loves a good cupcake!


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