Monday, April 28, 2014


NNC Members who attended the annual meet.

It's the annual meet of our crafting group for 2014. Yes, we are 7 years old!!!! See what fun we had...
The Annual gift exchange.

Guests arriving at Yee's Button. We rented a cozy place above this wonderful crafting shop in PJ.

Gave Margaret the Bookmarks I made for a separate exchange. We organise many exchanges and in many themes. Do join us for great fun! Will post about this next.

Soon everyone arrived just in time.

Lots of photo taking.

This was a birthday exchange from Sally to Radha.

Another book exchange here.

A squirmy bookmark.

With book included!

We browsed and took home books generously donated by our beloved friend, Janet. We miss you and will always think of you when do our many many crafts.

Usha sorting and going through the hundreds of books and magazines.

Nik also brought some lovely zipper pouches for sale. I bought one too for my mom.

Vivian's little shoppe has everything I want to buy!

Buy some Margaret!

Bought these Modkid and sock monkey for gifts as well.

Handmade and brilliantly made!

Love these fridge magnets!

Beautiful handmade cards.

A mini conference going on.

Paul looking amused.

Exciting day for friends to meet up and chat!

More browsing and selecting.

Cupcakes anyone???

Our little buffet.

Yummy currypuffs.

Enjoying our food and listening to a small presentation by the shopowner.


Amigurumi class anyone?

We were surrounded by beautifully crafted needlework. So inspired to start on new projects!

Browsing through some of the courses available at Yee's Buttons.

Look at all the stitching.
The little people had a craft session with Margaret.

Making peg dolls.

Looks like the adults also want to join in.

Little Aerin taking part. She's our youngest member yet!

Nik, giving out goodies to the kids.

Usha's girls! They are so grown up already.

Zarina giving some quilting tips! She's our Queen of Quilts.

Fishing for the Annual gift exchange.


Radha received from Usha.

Usha received from Vivian.

Vivian received from Margaret.

Margaret received from Nik.

Nik received from Radha.

And Bee Ee received from Me! Lol! Look at that glee on her face.

We have several lucky draws that day.

The goodie bag! Nik explaining what and who we received from.

Some items are delicately handmade. Thanks everyone who contributed.

Radha won a lucky draw for the fish challenge.

Winning prize! We love fat quarters!!!

A handmade gift for Zarina for the quilt she put together for Janet.

More gifts!


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Andrea said...

Your crafting group meet looked like so much fun. Makes me want to start one as well! By the way, what does NCC stand for?