Monday, July 15, 2013

Our Little Family Holiday | Meli & Richard Back Home 2013

Meeting and going on a vacation with Hayley for the first time!
It's been a long time since our last big holiday with Meli & Richard, so with my cousin's wedding in March, we planned a little holiday in Singapore. Although a short one, we still can't get over the fact that we got upgraded in one hotel and received Chairman style treatment. That is one memorable stay! (This is only 1 tenth of the pictures we took.)

My bro and Victoria.

Richard taking lots of photos.
Big bro and little sis.

We always stop by at this little cafe in Muar for the best local dishes and Coffee.

Nasi Lemak!

Nigel's first packet of Nasi Lemak of the trip.

They serve fabulous coffee. Not that I drink any, but this place even sells coffee beans and their own brand of coffee.

Family portrait right next to a coffee addict Mona Lisa.

Dad fooling around with Hayley's doodle board.

My two most important people in life.

Still can't get over the feeling that he's on holiday.

We stayed at the Resort in Sentosa Island.

Little Hayley and mommie.

Fooling around at the lobby.

Nigel's self portrait.

With Yeh-yeh.

First stop was the Water adventure park. Hayley in her little 2 piece. So cute, right!?  

Stan in his Baywatch hotpants! LOL!

In line for the big splash!

Here they go.


Eating his 2nd Nasi Lemak of the day. The asian food court at the resort serves pretty reasonable Malaysian cuisine here.

Meli and dad.

Hayley enjoying her noodles. Sure hungry after a splash.

The famed spot for a good pic.


2 sleepy birds.

Some magic show was going on when we were there.

Love the bakery shop there. Panda cheeks!

Breakfast was awesome!

Mom and Hayley B.

A little swim before our big day at the Universal Studios.

Check out the ceiling!

Here for the second time and still as excited.

Dad and Shrek. LOl!

Look who came to say hello!

Let the fun begin.

Kool and the gang.

This is what I call 'GLEE'!
Nigel, you're too big to sit on Uncle Meow's shoulder dy!

Our first ride. That getting nervous already.

Meli and Rich.

Look back!
Hayley's first ride! Madagascar, here we come!!
That was best.

Dad riding with the penguins. LOL!

On the merry go round.

The fairy godmother?

Taking her afternoon nap.

I like this part of the park.

A little boogie.

So hot!

Fanning the princess.

3D shows.
Awesome Transformer rides.
In front of the public library. Sorry, no books here.

Cool picture of my bro's family.

Best! That's Hayley version of thumbs up.


And more shopping.

Hayley meets her idol and freaks out.

Our very own diner. (We are Melanie, Melinda and Melvin!)

Nice burgers and hot dogs for lunch.

Junkie! LOL!

Look at that little girl with the Elmo pouch.

Me snapping away.
At the castle.

More pictures at the front.

We missed the stunt show as it began to Rain!!!

That's all folks? Nope, our adventure just began.

Outside the Maritime museum.

Ships in a row suspended mid air.


Drumming away.

In the Underwater World.

So crowded. Lesson learnt, never go on a weekend.

Oooh! This brave little girl.


Look out! Up ahead!

All this history. zzzzzzz.....

The highlight of our trip. We got upgraded at the Marina Bay Sands! YIPPPPPPEEEEE!
At the edge of the pool.

Very cold!!!

Looking very chairman now.

All bundled up.

Tis the life!

LOL! We all had a bathrobe each.

More than 7,000 sqft of luxury. 4 Masterbedrooms with ensuite bathrooms and walk ins. WOW!

Karaoke, anyone.

That spent his whole holiday in here.

Hayley showing off her vocal talents.

Me playing the grand piano the whole time.

A pool room.

The corridor inside our suite.

Meli joining in the fun.

Check out the view.

We have 360 degree fantastic view all round!

Some more swimming.

One last photo before we leave. Sigh!

We had a great time! Meli and Richard, please do come back sooner so we can all go for another holiday like this one. HUGS!

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