Monday, October 29, 2012


A box full of pinkness!
This is an annual project we do at NNC. You see, we love pincushions and don't have enough of em cute little creations too precious to poke needles with. So they are left on display cabinets, we collect them because they are little works of art, painstakingly handmade and made from the heart. Here's my pincushion this year...

Crochet cupcake pincushion for Radha.

With fluffy ribbon and pink cupcake silicon liner.

And these 2 special pincushion is from Ulla of Sweden. Aren't they gorgeous.

Linen and a little sakura wee pillow. Check out the beading in the middle.

Thanks Ulla for the stash of fabrics too. What a lovely shade of pastels.

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