Friday, December 30, 2011

Before The Year Ends : DEC 2011

Celebrated mom's birthday in Nov. Meli sent some really nice roses and we wanted to take a photo to show it to her. Hayley's so cute here!

Thank God for UNIFI! Postings will be a breeze from now onwards. Hopefully, I will be able to blog consistently next year as compared to this year. It's been an eventful year, I can't even sit down and focus on posting everything. I've been blogging lump-sum. Spill all as fast and as far as I can remember. There are lots not blogged about, lot's of crafting left undisplayed and photos left unsorted. It's been a busy year alright and here's another one of those better blog-about-it before it's gone with the wind post. Hugs!!!!

This was in October. GOSH! It's a tutorial I want to show but totally forgot about it. We celebrated our grandmother's birthday in a fancy chinese restaurant and my aunt has asked me to create a cake topper for a special cake she baked.
I had the template cut to matching scrapbooking paper. Lovely shades of pinks and greens.

Have them spray mounted on to styrofoam and the layers were cut to shape with my old faithful cutter.

Have the edges covered in velvet ribbon. Matching ones of course.

I had the main motif attached with double sided tape. (Double sided works very well with styrofoam!) The motif is then attached to the base with a simple pin from the bottom. The base is lined with waxed paper/or baking paper so that it sits on the cake without messing up the icing.

The pin holds the motif quite well. Syrofoam is very light. And I wanted that swivel anti gravity look. LOL! But I'm actually thinking of the assembly when we transport it there. It was easy because you can detach the motif and attach it at the venue.

Cut a sakura branch to size to fit the whole motif. Bending the branch to shape.
Again attach with a simple pin a the base. Don't worry about the jutting pin.

I added 2 lovebirds. One perched on a branch and the other at the base where the pin was.

Tada! Cute little cake topper on top of Auntie Josie's Oh-So-Gorgeous Strawberry Sponge cake! HAPPY 82nd Birthday to my Grandmother!!

Hahaha! I had to show you how I trace my dress patterns. This was when I decided to sew a dress for my God Daughter - Hayley. I will just cellophane tape the pattern on this sliding door. And trace away.

This was the beautiful mugrug I received from Shanny. Look at the delicate workmanship!

I love the chinese fan on the corner.

On a background of Sakura flowers.

And all the way from Switzerland. Lot's of lovely teas and coffee. THANKS SHANNY!!!!!

This was a special cupcake order. I could not resist the challenge. It was for a Tiffany themed function.

Built this on top of inverted muffin cups.

Thanks Fiona for the opportunity. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

So at 3 in the morning. I baked and assembled the cupcakes. LOVE THE SMELL of chocolate fudge cakes in the morning!!!!

Groom cupcakes in tuxedos!

The main set of cupcakes. They turned out quite gorgeous!

I call these 'Couple-packs'. A bride and groom cupcake in each box. Ah! If only I can find tiffany coloured boxes.

All packed and happily picked up!

Last day of school! Here's Nigel and his best buddy!

Look at how grown up my little baby is now! NINE very soon!
The school holidays were spent frolicking at the pool.

Grace showing Spencer and Stan the finer details of the TI swimming method.

Love the view!

Getting ready for some serious swimming lessons.

Spencer brought along his new toy - an underwater camera to shoot some really cool photos.

Viewing their swimming strokes. You see the three monkeys behind?

Faith, Tiffany and Nigel fooling around.

That's Nigel on his giant blow up pet!

The girls getting ready for big splash.

Stan doing his total immersion styled swimming demo.

Macho! Macho! Men! LOL! Check out the view behind. Lovely place to swim.

These three were making a ruckus here. The water is soundproofing their noise actually so they got louder.

They look like they're doing a Broadway number!

Spencer gave them a couple of minutes with the camera. So here goes...

Look at these two lovey doveys!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE. Will be back with our Christmas do for this year. Hopefully before the year end. HUGS!!!!

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