Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Sleepless Sleepover : Nigel and cousins!

When we were their age we too had sleepovers and at Shen-ni's house in PJ. All of us, all my cousins will be picked up by my Uncle and Auntie and the first treat will be at the A&W drive in, a thrilling car wash ride (yep, before there were handheld games and digital entertainment it was super fun to be inside a car being auto-washed! LOL!) and we'd play boardgames before we all sleep in Shen-ni's room. And I remember dearly, that when we leave the next day, my Auntie Josie will slip us some pocket money! She's the coolest!!!

So Nigel's recent sleepover with his cousins brought some really sweet memories. Unfortunately, for this bunch of kiddos...SLEEP were not part of the plan.

All smiles even without sleep!

Get-set-ready-CHOMP, CHOMP, CHOMP!
French toast drizzled with honey for breakfast. We woke up very early despite not much sleep. I think we need sugar sprinkles for fuel!

Feed the fish time. The fishies must be glad to have such an early breakfast.
We did these while waiting for Stan to wake up.

Ruun Jan with her paper lantern. They twirl really well!

Some fooling around.

HOPE TO HAVE ANOTHER SLEEPOVER SOON! But this time, you guys have to promise to SLEEEEEEP! Hugs! Hugs!!!

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