Thursday, February 17, 2011

The First Exchange of The Year : NNC VALENTINE'S EXCHANGE

Here's the first exchange of the year. And it's all the way from Portugal! Thanks Maria. I love the cute little things you've sent to me, I hope you like the things I sent you too.

There's a cute little box with a tatted embellishment filled with red hearts buttons!

Maria made this beautiful crocheted pin. She knows I love crocheted flowers. I'm pinning this to my latest tote bag I made. Will show you guys later!
Invites have been sent out for Nigel's big 8th birthday bash.

This cheeky fellow here wants to invite the whole world! (Headache! Headache!)


aim aris said...

hi! i super love your blog. :) and i'm just wondering are you like having an exchange gift game with the others from all around the world? ;)

jonah_821 said...

Very nice birthday party...most of the designs are customized. You're so creative. I really loved it ;))