Saturday, November 20, 2010


Finally, the photos from my grandmother's 81st birthday celebration. Be warned, there are over 50 photos here. I know it's too many photos for a blog post but nothing says more than these wonderful shots my brother and Nigel took on this special day. Happy browsing!
Soon to be parents! Meow and Vic.

The birthday gal! My grandma looks really good in pink.

Some fooling around. This used to be Nigel's favourite ride. I think he's gotten heavier since.

Longevity noodles a must. Our special lunch was held at the Noble Banquet Restaurant, a very fancy chinese restaurant.

Family portrait of the Lims.

Auntie Josie & Uncle Peter.

Our first Entree. Really delicious. Deepfried prawns in a wasabi sauce and scallops on the side.

My dad and my Grandad

My grandparents.

Mini photographer taking shots of everyone - closeups!

The piglet! The piglet!

Funny faces that kinda scare me too.

Weird dish! You actually eat the bones too.

Dad serving the folks.

Birthday girl enjoying her birthday noodles.

Auntie Chris having a good laugh.

Uncle Anthony - having a better laugh!!!

Uncle Johnathan & Melissa.

Auntie Josephine - who flew in unexpectedly for a good surprise! Thanks for joining us on this special day.

Wine tester?

LOL! Admiring a Rolex!!!???

Here you'll see the effects of alcohol on my kung-kung!

Mom and Grandma.

Another traditional must have dish for birthdays. Chinese lotus pancakes and lotus buns.

Sneaking in for a hug! That's Nigel for you.

Uncle Johnathan.

I'll do this when I turn 70??? LOL!!!!

Victoria and yours truly.

All my aunts and my grandparents.
We had a grand lunch and then we adjourned back to my grandparent's home to more celebration. Here are some flowers for all the mothers in the family.

A little arrangement for the cake.

Auntie Josie and Me prepping the cake. She baked my grandmother's favourite corn custard cake. All I had to do was wrap a ribbon round it, prep the cake stand and add flowers.

Say Cheese!

The bowl which everyone received. This is also part of a chinese tradition. You'll receive a oriental chinese bowl with matching chopsticks and a ceramic spoon. This signifies that my grandmother is giving out and sharing her good blessings to all her children, grandchildren and greatgrandchildren!

Dad and his phonecamera!

Another photo potrait.

The cake.

Popo cutting her cake.

Making a special wish.

Everyone in a photo!

Another tradition - The tea serving ceremony.

I love this potrait!

We all sat down to watch a video I prepared for this special day. I collected videos from all her grandchildren and compiled it into a short presentation. Will find a way to put that here one day. It's so big, I don't really know how to downsize the file.



Anonymous said...

Wow what a beautiful party!! :-)))



Kay Heritage said...

Oh, what a wonderful celebration! Looks like you have a wonderful family!

marilise said...

i love each photo of yours wish he all the best huggs