Sunday, October 10, 2010

Whatever Happened to September???

The frangipani tree in our indoor courtyard bloomed
The whole of September went by like a breeze! Shooosh! Just like that. I suppose it's the busiest month I've ever encountered. Let's see what I've been up to...
Blackberry lillies in a row outside of our little garden. The cat has been running around the bed!!!

Nigel is a few inches taller.

I've been cooking a storm. I think cooking is definitely becoming my next favourite craft. Seafood egg noodles anyone?

Black Pepper Beef Udon Stir-fry

I even made Lamingtons. I think classic bakes are making a comeback.

What are Lamingtons? Well, they're decadent chocolate blocks soaked in melted chocolate...

....and rolled in desiccated coconut!

Apparently Stan's favourite.

My sister in law, Victoria made this classic dessert, Jello in an orange. We were guessing how she did it, but she said the watermelon one her mom made when she was younger is even more of a wonder!

Received a special package I ordered from Etsy. Stamping tools.

With a pack of washers I bought from the DIY store awhile ago awaiting my parcel I decided to gather my guts to finally try the stamping tool on 'made-in-Italy' washers. They're so shiny!

Aaaaargh! After a whole pack, I finally figured out that I need to stamp them on hard floors, not carpeted. So after a whole entire pack....I finally got 1 right! GEEEZER!

BE BRAVE! I was, really, after the ruckus and the hammering, I finally got one done.

Coloured it with an Artline. Polished away the excess and...

Voila. Now to thread this with leather and make into a cute bracelet for Nigel.

I was back at crocheting. This time, it's a classic scarf by a classic pattern my pal Paul translated for me. He's a wonderful guy who crochets and knits as well. He's fantastic at reading the patterns and drafting them out in patterns for me to do.

I made a Lychee Custard Pie.

Cookie base, chocolate coated, lychees and peaches all round and a generous sprinkle of croquants!

Made breakfast with bacon and eggs in a muffin tin. They're so cute. These were easy to bake. Line the muffin tray with bacon. Bake a couple of minutes, crack egg into cavities and tada! Breakfast for the champions!

Made macadamia cupcakes for a family gathering up in Gentings.

Played with fondant.

Tested a snowflake mould. These were tiny and fragile.

Caught up with family

Nigel and his cousins!

What do you do with leftover creamcheese frosting? You make French Toast and have it together for breakfast! I discovered that you can actually keep excess frosting in the fridge for some time and use it whenever you feel like dessert. But in our case, breakfast!

Mine had toasted macadamia.

Nigel had to add a drizzle of honey on his. YUMMILICIOUS!

More cupcakes for Sunday

A simple orange poppyseed cupcake, cream cheese frosting drizzled with dark chocolate. That reminds me, I need to get a drizzle fork!

Wow! What a month. And it's already going to be mid October. Thanks guys for the lovely comments and the beautiful emails. Hope to hear from you again. You keep me going, going, going!!!


hiyaluv said...

oh my goodness! you did have a busy month! i am amazed at all you accomplished! and stamping looks HARD!


so many interesting things to look at ! thank you

Blossom inch said...

What an awesome activities, I love your blog and everything about the cooking and sewing. Thanks for sharing.

LollyChops said...

You are completely amazing!!!!!

Janet C said...

Gosh....look like you had a fantastic month! All the cooking & baking....yummy! :)

The Heart of Paul said...

Lamingtons are my favourite OMGosh!! Make some for me!!

Show picture of the finished scarf lah.