Friday, March 19, 2010

Seven And Having A Blast!

Stan still sketches and I had to keep this simple drawing of Nigel relaxing with a book.

That's right, you don't remember being seven if not for these special moments. Nigel turned 7 end of February and he perpetually reminds us all that every second is precious! He is constantly amazed at his surroundings, finding new things to play and learn, exploring and discovering the world around us AND HAVING A BLAST! So here's turning Seven with his favourite comic. Tra-la-la Captain Underpants!!! LOL!

We'll be moving soon to our new home in the next few weeks. Here's Nigel and his cousins having fun at the clubhouse.

Ruun Ann and Nigel at the pool.

Loosing his front teeth : Highlight of turning seven!

Awww! She's so sweet!!!

Cheeky munchkin! RJ likes to wrinkle up her cute little face everytime I ask her to pose!

It was a beautiful day for a swim.

Oh yes, did I tell you that he's learning to swim already??

Shanon was back in KL. Here's the family relaxing after a heavy barbecue.

This table was still eating!

I know! It's really funny how we just love Captain Underpants. I made these undies out of paper, sew them together and stuffed them with POP ROCKS and voila!

The beautiful cake Auntie Josie baked. Yummy banana and chocolate cake, decorated in jelly swirls and jelly beans! The ultimate cake for a 7 year old!

Of course, the cousins were invited! Look how pretty these 2 girls are. I'm so proud to be their Auntie!!! (See RJ with her pose! LOL!)


Thanks Meow and everyone for the gifts & Angpows!!!

And here's a photo of mom and dad with Nigel at the Thistle hotel. We were there for a one night stay in Port Dickson. It's a short school holiday so we had a short and sweet holiday by the beach just 2 days ago.

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such a sweet family hope you are all doing well