Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Christmas To Remember

This is what Christmas is like at our home. We have the usual eats & tons of Fun! For those who missed it goes....
The Pressies! Every year I have a different theme for labelling my presents. This year I hunted around for everyone's photo and sort of 'Stamp' filter it on photoshop.

This is for Auntie Josie!

Some Close ups....Karen and Nick!

My bro!
Alistair, my bro's camera assistant.

Melissa & Victoria.
Auntie Dorcas & Ai-lin.

My grandad and the usual suspects...Marina & Lucy. LOL!

Our official camerawoman...Auntie Chris. Thank God for your steady hands, we'll be watching those videos for a long long long time! LOL!

Kenneth taking some shots. Hey, who is taking who now?

THE SPREAD! We had mom famed Kerabu salad, Sotong sambal, Popo's stewed pork dish, Kuihs and much more...
Uncle David's specially marinated roast chicken.

Mom! She lost her voice midway the party.



Uncle Johnathan...

The two love birds...

Joel & Eirenne...
Lyanne & Justin...

Shen-ni & Jonathan...

Tai Koo Poh...

The Lims...

Mom and me preparing for the annual contest. We gave out salt dough. I made them an hour ago (ouch! my hands hurt like crazy after al that frantic kneading!!!) I used Tempera paints for the colouring instead of food colouring.

This year's theme was dancing penguins. Here's our teams...

All on the floor, hard at work.

Auntie Josie is supervisor!

You'll never guess what's going on here..

Look at the seriousness of it all.

Stan and Nigel having a great time! No pressure guys!!

Karen and Nick having a go at it... (You had a brilliant concept!!!)

Alistair and Auntie Gin. She was really good at sculpturing the penguin. A handsome one it is!!

Pastor Lawrence and Kung-Kung amused by the whole 'game' thing.

My dad also participated...

With the rest of the senior citizens! Very sporting group. They each contributed to the plate. LOL!

Faith and Auntie Dorcas.

What's up! Kenneth, Melissa and 2 alien penguins!

Meow and Victoria! I must show you his bip bop presentation later.

Guess who's the penguin?!!!

Faith's & Auntie Dorcas : Penguin Family

Auntie Chris & Joy's : Penguin Wedding. (GRAND PRIZE WINNER)

Alistair & Auntie Gin : Matrix Penguin

Joel, Eirene & Ben's : Dance Fun

A stranded penguin from Faith's and Auntie Dorcas' : Penguin Family.

My dad's and Senior Citizen's : Let's Boogie

Nigel and Stan's : King of Hula

Meow's and Victoria's : Hip Hop Penguin

Check out the beat box!

We also have a life sized penguin! from Melissa and Uncle John : Phlash Dance! (Get it!)

Kenneth and Melissa's : Penguins from Mars.

We celebrated 2 birthdays with a giant cake by Auntie Josie.

So pwetty!

Uncle David having a big slice of cake! Yummy!

Uncle Anthony auditing the results...

This is what we call... 'Jumping for joy!'

Last 2 winners

4 Consolation prizes.

We hid a coin inside one of the playdough as a surprise. Nicholas won the voucher and the consolation prize!
Consolation Prize : Justin & Lyann : RM20 MPH Vouchers

Consolation Prize : Uncle William and The Senior Citizens : RM20 MPH Vouchers

6th Prize Winner : Nigel & Stan : RM25 Cash Prize!

5th Prize Winner : Melissa & Uncle Johnathan : RM25 Cash Prize
4th Prize Winner : Joel, Eirene & Ben : RM50 Cash Prize!

3rd Prize winner : Shen-ni & Jonathan : RM100.00 Cash Prize!

2nd Prize went to Mr. & Mrs Meow! RM200 Cash Prize

Grand Prize winners : Joy and Auntie Chris!!! It's a RM500.00 Cash Prize man!!!!

Thanks guys for making it so fun this year. Can't wait for next year and this time we are doing something totally different!!! I think the group will be bigger this time, since most of our overseas relatives will make it for our annual celebrations. Also a BIG THANKS to our sponsor (who wish to remain anonymous) THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! HUGS!!!!!



umi_e said...

wowwwwwwwwww it's really fun!

* i can feel it :p


Grace said...

I love this Christmas tradition of yours. It so creative and wonderful, thank you for sharing it! What great photos as well. Happy New Year to you! Grace (from - I can't seem to log in with that account so using my other crafty blog which is in dire need of a makeover)

melwind said...

Thanks for organizing this every Year YOON!!! muaks
Mr and Mrs Meow