Saturday, May 16, 2009

Crochet Booties For A Boy!

I expected an order for a boy to be in shades of blue and yellow, but Wei Ling wanted something in green. One of my favourite colours too. So here it is...

I included a little yellow blankie with blanket stitches all round.

White teddy bear buttons and yellow hearts. This bootie is different from the ones I've been doing. The baby boy is slightly bigger, so the bands are thicker and size is wider.

Of course, a cute little card to go with the whole ensemble!


Daphne Teo said...

Woo ...woow ..
I like this!!
Something i could consider to send for my fren's new born baby in the near future :)
Cutie booties!

BizeeBeeCreations said...

These booties are too cute! What a lucky little boy! And the blanket is my fav shade of sunshine yellow. Do you follow a pattern for the booties?

~~Cathy, the bizeebee gal!

Yoonie said...

Hi! Cathy,

I didn't use any patterns. It's really free form crochet. I've a knack for crochet - just by looking at a design. Just like how I made Eli the elephant.


Weiling said...

Hi Yoonie,

These are lovely, we love it so much!!

Thanks a lots for your effort!


Alviana said...

how cuteeeeeeeeeee!
love it. yummy colors.
and i love the card too :)

Marliza Radzi said...

this is too cute!

can I have the price quotation?