Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Sneak Peek! & April Report

Miraculously, I finally got my camera to work back again. So here are some of things I've been wanting to blog about.
I received my pincushion from Wah-ah before I left for Bangkok. Isn't it beautiful. It's a simple cross-stitch pincushion with a chrysanthemum motif.

The pincushion with the some lovely cross-stitch stash! Thanks Wa-ah!!!

This was a mistake - I'm thinking about undoing this. Sometimes things just don't go they way you want them too. Sigh!

This is a sneak peek for an exchange!

I'm beginning to like granny squares!

My Afghan needle scarf - this is a test-run. Turned out quite nice. I didn't know that a skein can make a single scarf!

My beautiful bag is taking shape. It's a new design from my usual totes.

Close-up. I can't imagine writing instructions to do this bag. It's become quite complicated to explain in words.

We celebrated Easter last week and Nigel's Sunday School party theme was 'Bible Heroes'. Who's his hero??? (Besides Ben10) DAVID the shepherd boy!!!
I made the top, the sandals (yes! I did!!!) and the harp. My dad made the sling shot out of motorbike rubber tubes and a Y shape branch! Cool!!!

My little David won 2nd prize!!! 1st prize went to Job - He's my hero too!

My brother - The Tax Collector!!! OMG - He looks ridiculously funny, I dare him to go to work like this!!

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BizeeBeeCreations said...

Hi Yoonie!
I just love your blog and watch for new entries from my home page! You are so creative and everything you make is fabulous. Did you post the cupcake directions? They look sweet enough to eat!

~~Cathy, the bizeebee gal!